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Ensure that your cloud deployment is optimally priced, sized, and utilized
Key Features

  • Determine when to use On-demand vs. Reserved pricing plans
  • Simulate “what-if” usage and pricing scenarios for informed capacity planning

Utilization and Sizing

    • Identify unused EC2 reservations and opportunities for relocation or modification
    • Discover inconsistent usage of IOPS-provisioned EBS volumes and EBS-optimized instances
    • Eliminate unattached EBS volumes
    • View instances that can be downsized based on low CPU or memory usage



Cost Controller

Understand your cloud spend and eliminate shocking monthly bills
Key Features

  • Zero in on critical cost drivers
  • Leverage AWS and GCE tags for allocating spend to relevant users and groups
  • Keep track of upfront Reserved Instance fees and other one-time payments
  • Gain a comprehensive view of cost over time with actual and amortized reports
  • Generate monthly and annual spend projections

Asset Controler

Visualize your cloud usage and performance trends all in one place
Key Features

  • Analyze EC2 and GCE instance type distribution and instance over time trending
  • Monitor EBS volume inventory and usage
  • Track S3 storage distribution by objects, buckets, top-level folder, class and versioning
  • Gain insight into RDS instance consumption and performance
  • Stay on top of instance lifecycle and current status

Cloud Comparison

Research your deployment’s performance and cost on AWS and Google Cloud
Key Features

  • Single view of AWS and GCE deployments
  • Compare and match GCE and AWS instances based on pricing, CPU, RAM, and more
  • Map your current GCE instances to AWS instances
  • View your GCE deployment cost in AWS
  • Evaluate the feasibility of porting workloads from one vendor to another
  • Simulate “what-if” porting scenario for subset of your deployment
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