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Optimize, manage and maintain your cloud costs from an enterprise-wide perspective for ongoing clarity, accountability, and control.


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“Cloudyn brings order to our large and otherwise unmanageable cloud infrastructure. The insight and optimization recommendations provided have definitely helped us save money. We are happy customers.“

Jason Umiker
Global IT Manager, Infomedia

“Considering the complexity of optimizing cost across a variety of applications that behave differently, we needed guidance to make the most of our usage. Cloudyn's tools have enabled us to lower our cloud spend and provide better insight into inefficiencies.“

Jonathan Salomon
Director of Operations, Panaya

“We use Cloudyn to analyze and track Wix cloud usage. Cloudyn provides us with very valuable insight into our cloud operations.“

“As an MSP, Cloudyn has become instrumental in mapping out our customers usage and costs so we can better manage and increase our margins. It also enables us to share with our customers detailed insight into their specific cloud deployments.“

Fons van Geelen
IT Director, Mirabeau

“Here at Mi9, IT is responsible for fostering accountability among our different teams using the AWS cloud. As our reliance on the cloud increases, so does the need for order; and we look to Cloudyn’s Cost Allocation 360° tool to help us do just that while keeping our deployment as cost-efficient as possible.“

Peter Du
Head of Technology Operations & Infrastructure, Mi9

“Cloudyn helps us keep our cloud costs as low as possible by identifying which of our EC2s should be moved to AWS' RI pricing model, or to similar Google cloud instances...“

Seva Feldman
DevOps Lead, GetTaxi

“Cloudyn provided immediate insight into areas where we could reduce costs. Using their tool, it's easy to see the financial impact of changes to our AWS architecture and scale.“

Nathan Smith
Technical Director, Outsmart Studios

“Cloudyn made it easy for us to understand Amazon's pricing structure. Their tools for EC2 have already helped us save a bunch and were quite handy for figuring out which reservations to purchase.“

Christian Winther
Chief Technology Officer, Bownty

“...Cloudyn’s support for tagging gives us insight into actual per-customer instance usage and helps us identify our best customers. Cloudyn also helped us to determine where it made sense to shift to EC2 reservations, cutting our cloud cost considerably.“

Vitali Bykhovsky
Sr. Developer, BlazeMeter: The Load Testing Cloud

“Cloudyn's tool allows us to monitor and control our EC2 & RDS instances. In particular, it identifies which instances to reserve and allows us to monitor our team's EC2 accounts, which helps us control our monthly bill.“

Ben Gidley
Director Multiscreen Solutions, Irdeto

“As our reliance on the cloud grows, Cloudyn has become an indispensable tool for keeping our AWS deployment and costs under control.“

John Griffin
CTO, Effective Measure

“Cloudyn gives me great information about my cloud expenditure. It is easy to read and understand and is a tremendous help for me to manage and optimize my spend on cloud infrastructure in AWS.“

Yaki Avimor
VP of Engineering, Totango

“...Cloudyn gives us clarity into all of our cloud assets and ensures that we utilize them fully. Additionally, Cloudyn’s sizing and pricing recommendations enable us to use the cloud in the most cost-effective way possible.“

Matt Wise
Sr. Systems Architect, Nextdoor

“...I love how their [Cloudyn and Scalr] integration provides easy access to all my cloud cost and performance data from within my deployment console. I see this as a great start towards the full automation...helping BranchOut reduce tedious and time-consuming manual cloud management.“

Jeremy Koerber
Director of Technical Operations, BranchOut

“... Cloudyn's in-depth monitoring and alerts have prevented undesirable cost excursions on more than one occasion. The historical and trend-based reporting tools have allowed us to rebalance and optimize our spending on reserved instances as well.“

Chris Dagdigian
Co-Founder and Principal Consultant, The BioTeam

“Activated in minutes, Cloudyn's intelligent recommendations ultimately saved us 40% of our cloud cost. Cloudyn increased our confidence in the cloud, enabling us to proactively and dynamically optimize our cloud resources...“

Sasha Gilinson
CEO, Evolven

“Our infrastructure needs constantly change. Using Cloudyn we can continuously monitor our cost efficiency and identify key opportunities to reduce spending. Cloudyn saves us money every month.“

Amir Farhi
CEO, Netotiate

“Cloudyn optimization engine allows us to plan and manage our cloud deployment more efficiently. This leads to significant cost savings.“

Jonathan Fields
Global IT Director, ClickSoftware


Cloud Monitoring Platform
for Cloud Cost Management

Cloudyn is a leader in cloud monitoring with a solution that optimizes cloud deployments across public, private, and hybrid clouds. Our SaaS solution supports users’ cloud management by delivering custom prescriptive actions for enhancing cloud performance and reducing cost.

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Communicating Your Cloud Deployment with Reports

Keeping an efficient cloud deployment requires carefully monitoring and governing costs and usage. Cloud monitoring, optimization and analytics reveal a great deal of operational and financial intelligence about your cloud, intelligence which must be communicated inside the organization. IT and financial managers require data-driven reports and actionable recommendations on the performance and cost of the […]

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In the news


Today, enterprises can choose to allocate costs based on tags or linked accounts. It’s important they undertake comprehensive, dynamic tagging to maintain the most accurate cost allocations for cloud computing.

CloudTweaks / Mar 02, 2015

Some 60% of cloud software servers can be reduced or terminated because companies have purchased too many, estimates Boris Goldberg, co-founder and chief technology officer at Cloudyn Ltd., which develops software to monitor and manage cloud computing.

The Wall Street Journal / Feb 17, 2015

Until now, SLAs have been unregulated in what has been a sellers’ market, with the cloud service providers calling all the shots. However, the pendulum has started shifting slowly in favor of the buyers, ultimately making it better for businesses.

TechCrunch / Jan 24, 2015

[Sharon Wagner] said in an interview that customers should look at additional metrics such as predictable performance levels, consistent response times, and expandable service when you need it, which is called cloud elasticity.

InformationWeek / Jan 22, 2015

Cloudyn's primary focus is to provide companies with unique, real-time insights into usage, performance and cost of their cloud, and by doing so fill in the "cloud information gap" for enterprise IT.

IT Specialist / Dec 01, 2014

Cloudyn has quietly made a name for itself with tools that monitor cloudy instances, and also let you compare and contrast the price of rival clouds.

The Register / Nov 04, 2014

The tool integrates and analyzes cloud cost information. It supports a wide range of cloud deployments models, including single, hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, as well as clouds run by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google (GOOG) and those based on OpenStack.

Talkin' Cloud / Nov 03, 2014

Cloudyn’s new tool automatically discovers a company’s cloud deployments and analyses how each resource is allocated by tagging algorithms that give organizations a very specific breakdown on how much individual business units spend on their cloud infrastructure.

The Whir / Oct 30, 2014

Cost Allocation 360° also boasts automated tagging of untagged infrastructure and application components and thereby minimizes the degree of manual intervention and upkeep required to keep track of the decomposition of cloud-related costs.

Cloud Computing Today / Oct 30, 2014

Take charge of your cloud costs today!