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Tools for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Maximize ROI on your AWS deployment with tools for cloud comparison, monitoring and optimization.



Ensure that your AWS deployment is properly priced, appropriately sized and optimally utilized

  • Determine when to use On-demand vs. Reserved AWS pricing plans for EC2 and RDS instances
  • Simulate “what-if” usage and pricing scenarios for informed capacity planning
  • Identify unused EC2 reservations and opportunities for relocation or modification
  • Eliminate unattached EBS volumes
  • View instances that can be downsized based on low CPU or memory usage
  • Compare EC2 cost and performance with comparable GCE instances


View your entire AWS deployment in one place and identify opportunities for greater cloud-efficiency

  • Zero in on critical cost drivers
  • Keep track of upfront Reserved Instance fees and other one-time payments
  • Visualize your AWS usage and performance trends all in one place
  • Analyze EC2 instance type distribution and instance over time trending
  • Monitor EBS volume inventory and usage
  • Track S3 storage distribution by objects, buckets, top-level folder, class and versioning
  • Gain insight into RDS instance consumption and performance

Business and Data Insights

Create organization-wide cloud transparency with custom reports and role-based views

  • Control and share access across multiple customers or internal accounts
  • Manage P&L and optimize cost per customer or business unit
  • Streamline chargeback and cost allocation
  • Segment or aggregate deployment views
  • User based custom reporting and trending data
  • Custom definitions of cost entities/business units
  • Transform existing AWS tags into meaningful reports for finance and accounting

Governance and Reporting

Set up valuable cost and usage alerts and reporting to stay on top of cloud consumption

  • Gain a comprehensive view of cost over time with actual and amortized reports
  • Stay on top of expiring resources or pricing plans
  • Generate monthly and annual spend projections reports
  • Keep track of deployment anomalies with customizable spend and usage alerts
  • Export consolidated or individual accounts for reporting purposes
  • Create separate P&L reports based on individual AWS tags
Take charge of your cloud costs today!