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Learn about the costs of running a relational database options with AWS RDS

How Much Does It Cost to Run Relational Database (RDS) Options on AWS

Most modern applications nowadays are tiered into multiple compute instance groups to increase resilience and elasticity. The most common tiered approach is a 3-tier generalized approach made up of web servers on the first tier, an application server on the second tier, which contains the application’s business logic, and application databases on the third tier…. Continue reading >

learn to compare vmware and aws cloud costs

Use Case: Comparing VMware and AWS Cloud Deployment Costs

When looking to move your application to the public cloud, it is important to plan for an optimized and cloud cost efficient configuration. Maybe you already have an application running in the public cloud, but are considering a hybrid cloud configuration that includes migrating certain components to an on-premises environment in order to reduce expenditure… Continue reading >

Learn about optimizing cloud services

Optimizing Cloud Services with Microsoft Azure and Cloudyn

IT admins need to meet business goals by controlling cloud usage and costs while still optimizing cloud services. In this post, Co-Founder and VP of Products at Cloudyn, Vittaly Tavor, joins Seth Juarez from Microsoft’s Development Evangelism team to discuss how businesses can use Cloudyn to monitor and manage cloud costs and usage. In the… Continue reading >

ITSM in the cloud

ITSM in The Cloud: Users Flexibility, Streamlining Ops and What is Still Missing

IT service management (ITSM) refers to all activities directed by policies that are organized and structured in processes. In other words, IT services that may be purchased, allocated, launched or used. The ITSM principles haven’t changed with the introduction of the cloud, however, methods and capabilities have helped enterprise IT continue to implement ITSM while… Continue reading >

cloud msp should know about these challenges and solutions to common problems

5 Challenges and Tips for Cloud Managed Service Providers (Cloud MSPs)

Many cloud-based MSPs act as cloud service resellers and provide their own integrated cloud management and support services. Handling multiple cloud consumers, MSPs need to centralize their management in order to report cloud costs for each of their clients while achieving cloud operations efficiency. As important players in a growing market, cloud MSPs need to… Continue reading >