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hybrid cloud

How to Measure and Support Your CIO’s Hybrid Cloud Agenda: 5 Key Performance Criteria

Hybrid cloud computing has been the cornerstone of a revolution in enterprise IT, as companies adopt a faster, leaner and more agile approach to software development through the combined benefits of traditional data centers and a modern and scalable on-demand computing environment. But, whereas start-ups have long been using cloud computing to get their IT… Continue reading >

aws India

Amazon Launches AWS India Region: What It Means for Enterprise Cloud Costs

At the end of June, AWS took another step in its rapid global expansion campaign when it officially launched its first infrastructure region in India, as part of a $5 billion investment in the country. The move comes in response to demand from India’s 75,000 existing customers, who are already using other AWS regions, but… Continue reading >

vendor lock in

How to Avoid Vendor Lock-in with a Multi-Cloud Strategy

The public cloud makes smart business sense for virtually any enterprise. But concerns about vendor lock-in hold many companies back from making the move to on-demand IT services. Despite the scope for considerable cost savings and operational efficiencies, you’re tied to the specific protocols, standards and tools of your chosen cloud vendor. This could make… Continue reading >

Hiring a Cloud MSP

Enterprise Cloud Migration: 5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Cloud MSP

The cloud promises huge potential for modernizing IT practices, making operational efficiencies and driving innovation within an organization. But making the transition to the on-demand IaaS model is a complex undertaking. This can be a major logistical headache for an enterprise built around traditional IT arrangements, which doesn’t have the in-house cloud expertise to deal… Continue reading >

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Live Webinar: The Cloud Diversification Conundrum

With more enterprises moving away from traditional data centers and towards the cloud for some if not all their applications, IaaS vendors such as Amazon and Microsoft are offering a multitude of packages to meet growing needs. By taking advantage of the right combination of cloud services, enterprises can optimize both their cost and performance,… Continue reading >