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Google Custom Machine Types: A Price-Performance Paradise or a Management Hell?

Google, while currently lagging behind AWS and MS Azure in the cloud services industry, is constantly innovating in both features and pricing models in order to position itself as a natural leader in the IaaS space. With its latest innovation announced last week, Google Custom Machine Types, are trying to break the mold of predefined… Continue reading >

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The Ins and Outs of Bulk Data Transfer to the Cloud: How Long, How Much, and Who Does it?

Enterprises are quickly jumping on the cloud migration band wagon, and bringing the need to transfer bulk data (e.g., databases and on-prem storage) with them. In this article, we will share various methods that leading cloud providers offer to transfer bulk data to the cloud. Whether you’re a media site, big data use case or… Continue reading >

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Hybrid Cloud Cost Optimization: The Challenge and the Solution

Over the past decade, cloud computing has transformed from a mysterious, risky concept into the norm for business implementation. Today, companies rely heavily on cloud computing technology to run and host entire departments. Part of this “invisible revolution” is the increasing popularity of the hybrid cloud, an integrated solution that incorporates functions from both public… Continue reading >

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Saving Cloud Costs Is Not Enough: Introducing SmartSizing™

Situating your IT business processes in the cloud offers flexibility, access to almost unlimited services and capacity when required. Development and growth of your business need to be planned to optimize performance against costs. Over/under server utilization can go undetected if not evaluated, leading to disproportionate costs that don’t reflect the real needs of your… Continue reading >