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Case Study: How Infomedia Shifted Gears with Cloud Cost Efficiency

This next blog post is about one of our customers. After using Cloudyn on their massive AWS deployment, they got quick and long-lasting benefits which enhanced their usage efficiency, as well as reduced overall cloud costs and improved cost clarity across the board. You’re welcome to read more below, or access the full case study… Continue reading >

Optimize Cloud Costs

Beginner’s Guide: 7 Ways to Optimize Cloud Costs with AWS

Amazon offers three AWS pricing models that suit the needs of different sized companies at various stages of their life cycles. Their most well known on-demand model charges based on actual usage (hourly compute/storage or I/O capacity consumption). It has created a simple way to reduce costs along with any hesitations that accompany the thought… Continue reading >

cloud cost allocation

Get Your Cloud Cost Allocation Reports On Time: 3 Scenarios

Although many cloud cost monitoring tools offer helpful alerts when it comes to reaching or exceeding limits, they don’t generally include information above and beyond a simple notification. Therefore, we decided to up the ante with scheduled reports, which are easily configurable scheduled alerts triggered by thresholds that deliver full cloud cost reports. Typical alerts… Continue reading >


Cloudyn Under the Hood: The Data Model and Multi-Cloud Optimization Engine

In this article, we would like to share the basic perceptions and structure of Cloudyn’s cloud optimization model. One of the main challenges it faces is the ability to analyze and optimize heterogeneous cloud (IaaS) environments, including Amazon, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Openstack and Azure. This challenge is derived from various environmental factors, such as… Continue reading >