How Google is Stepping up to the Plate: Three Memorable Announcements from Google Next 2017

March 28 2017 | by Meira Primes

Google has stepped up its game against AWS and Azure with its many new announcements from Google Next 2017

Why you need to tag your cloud resources

March 23 2017 | by Oren Maoz

In enterprises where there may be thousands of virtual machines running from different cloud providers, tagging is particularly important so that resources can be easily defined, managed and charged back to the correct department or business unit

Is the World’s Cloud Capacity Running Out?

February 15 2017 | by Ruth Stern

Traditional silicon technology is being pushed to the limit, as it becomes increasingly more difficult to squeeze extra computing power into the same physical space…

Sales Development and the Maturing Cloud Market

February 9 2017 | by David Garcia

Calls to enterprises that fit our ideal customer profile (ICP) are no longer sessions where we educate the market on problems that they are likely to endure with their cloud deployments.

A Decade of Cloud Evolution: Will 2017 Bring a New Era of Mass Enterprise Adoption?

December 22 2016 | by Boris Goldberg

A look back at how the cloud landscape has changed over the last 10 years

AWS re:Invent 2016: 5 Key Takeaways for Enterprise Cloud Users

December 11 2016 | by Jonathan Maresky

What were the key announcements at this year’s AWS re:Invent?

How to Choose the Right Amazon EC2 Instance for Optimum Performance and Cost

November 30 2016 | by cdynadmin

With so much variation in pricing and capabilities, selecting the right instance for your enterprise IT workloads is no easy challenge.


November 28 2016 | by cdynadmin

The five best cloud optimization sessions for the enterprise cloud professional at AWS re:Invent 2016

What Next at AWS re:Invent? A 5-Year Timeline of Keynotes and Product Launches

November 23 2016 | by cdynadmin

AWS re:Invent 2016, the cloud vendor’s annual customer and partner conference, is just around the corner. Now in its fifth year, it will take place in Las Vegas from 28 November to 2 December 2016 and is expected to play […]

Cloudyn is Now Available on the AWS SaaS Marketplace

November 22 2016 | by cdynadmin

We are pleased to announce that Cloudyn is now available as an offering on the AWS SaaS Marketplace. Customers can sign up for Cloudyn directly on the AWS Marketplace and pay for the service through their monthly AWS bill.

AWS re:Invent – Cloudyn Gets Set for Cloud Event of the Year

November 9 2016 | by cdynadmin

Now in its fifth year, re:Invent is AWS’s global customer and partner conference, where users gather each year to meet the experts, learn about new products and technologies, improve their productivity, find solutions to their cloud problems and network with fellow industry professionals.

IT Evangelism: Transform Your IT Organization from a Cost Center toa Profit Center

September 20 2016 | by admin

Six announcements to be of interest to enterprise IaaS users and adopters

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