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google cloud price

Revisiting Cloud Cost Comparison in Light of Recent Google Cloud Price Reduction

Google is the pioneer in 2015 price reductions of public cloud services. It has lowered the on-demand prices of Google Compute Engine (GCE), Google’s virtual instance service (similar to AWS EC2) by 5-30%, depending on the instance family. While on-demand prices are crucial for figuring out your total cost of cloud, there are many other… Continue reading >

azure costs

Getting Started with Azure Costs: Part 2 – The Enterprise Agreement

In the first part of this series, we discussed the basics of the Azure cloud offering. As mentioned in part one, according to Synergy Research Group, Azure is the cloud with the highest growth rate among the leading cloud vendors – Amazon Google and Microsoft. It is no doubt that the latter has the most… Continue reading >

OpenStack private cloud

How-to Allocate, Price and Utilize Your OpenStack Private Cloud Resources

In order to enhance efficiency, organizations often turn to OpenStack, a cloud operations system that enables control over large pools of computing, storage space and networking resources, all done through a web interface. However, without an adequate amount of attention, an OpenStack deployment can be inefficient and lead to a major decrease in ROI. To… Continue reading >

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Case Study: How Infomedia Shifted Gears with Cloud Cost Efficiency

This next blog post is about one of our customers. After using Cloudyn on their massive AWS deployment, they got quick and long-lasting benefits which enhanced their usage efficiency, as well as reduced overall cloud costs and improved cost clarity across the board. You’re welcome to read more below, or access the full case study… Continue reading >

Optimize Cloud Costs

Beginner’s Guide: 7 Ways to Optimize Cloud Costs with AWS

Amazon offers three AWS pricing models that suit the needs of different sized companies at various stages of their life cycles. Their most well known on-demand model charges based on actual usage (hourly compute/storage or I/O capacity consumption). It has created a simple way to reduce costs along with any hesitations that accompany the thought… Continue reading >