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Read about 6 AWS Storage Cost Use Cases

Not Only S3: 6 AWS Cloud Storage Cost Use Cases: Part 1

Whenever cloud computing professionals talk about Amazon Web Services (AWS) and storage, the conversation usually revolves around Amazon S3. However the AWS cloud offers a wide range of storage options, each of which has its own specific use case. In this two part series, we will talk about various storage options available across AWS, exemplifying… Continue reading >

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Cloud IT Financial Management (ITFM): Cost Allocation – Solved

Cloud resources of all shapes and sizes are used by different departments throughout the enterprise with the itemized monthly bills reflecting the resources purchased and used. The sum of the bills from all cloud suppliers represents the total cost to the company. A basic level of cost allocation granularity can be achieved using the cloud… Continue reading >

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Cloud Dashboards for CXOs: 3 Use Cases

Top level executives don’t have time to waste and therefore need the ability to see critical information in an efficient format. Their challenges are compounded in the cloud. Unlike traditional IT, the cloud is extremely dynamic and its complexity poses a great challenge when it comes to helping senior executives understand the current state of… Continue reading >

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Revisiting Cloud Cost Comparison in Light of Recent Google Cloud Price Reduction

Google is the pioneer in 2015 price reductions of public cloud services. It has lowered the on-demand prices of Google Compute Engine (GCE), Google’s virtual instance service (similar to AWS EC2) by 5-30%, depending on the instance family. While on-demand prices are crucial for figuring out your total cost of cloud, there are many other… Continue reading >

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Getting Started with Azure Costs: Part 2 – The Enterprise Agreement

In the first part of this series, we discussed the basics of the Azure cloud offering. As mentioned in part one, according to Synergy Research Group, Azure is the cloud with the highest growth rate among the leading cloud vendors – Amazon Google and Microsoft. It is no doubt that the latter has the most… Continue reading >