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Cloud vendor competition is heating up to include a pricing war and new feature offerings in the battle for your business. Amazon is the clear leader with over 8 years in the market with Azure following. But when a company like Google enters the arena, it seems that this race just sparked even further. Take… Continue reading >

cloud discount

Have You Gotten Your Cloud Discount or Credits Yet?

It seems as if cloud offerings are becoming more complex by the day, beginning with the wide variety of available products and features all the way down to calculating their respective prices. With that, there are different types of packages for nearly everyone’s needs (i.e. usage parameters, startup aid, enterprise maintenance, etc…). Consequently, these options,… Continue reading >

cloud sla

Enterprises Need a Realistic Cloud SLA

All cloud vendors offer standard, one-size-fits-all service level agreements (SLAs) that cover aspects such as high availability, performance, security, response times, support, and so on. However, is what’s written on paper actually implemented in real life? Do you know if your cloud vendor violated any agreements? If your cloud management vendor doesn’t deliver, do you… Continue reading >


Join Bernard Golden’s Webcast: “Challenges of Cloud Utilization & Cost Analytics explored”

Join best selling author and cloud expert Bernard Golden as he hosts a panel of experts comprised of Cloudyn’s co-founder and CEO, Sharon Wagner, a 451 Research cloud technology analyst and an industry veteran within the IT and telecommunications sector. During the 1-hour chat they will discuss how IT organizations can get a better handle… Continue reading >