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Cloudyn secures $11 million in Series B round of funding.

Cloud Costs as Operational Metrics: 5 Root Causes of Your Cloud Cost Spike

Maintaining healthy operation of your enterprise IT infrastructure has always been central to business productivity. But, as more and more companies move their workloads to the cloud, performance monitoring has shifted towards a new set of challenges and objectives. In traditional IT, operational metrics were essential to the smooth running of your environment—to ensure a… Continue reading >

How enterprise IT can create a cloud services catalog

The Cloud Services Catalog: A 7-Point Checklist for Enterprise IT Success

Driving cloud adoption across your enterprise is no easy challenge. But one way to change people’s mindset and steer users towards a quicker, easier, open and more transparent method of ordering IT services is to offer them a cloud services catalog. In short, a cloud services catalog is a central self-service portal for ordering a… Continue reading >

IT Business Leader

No More IT vs. Business: 5 Ways to Become an IT Business Leader Today

In the past, an IT leader’s main role was to serve the business and focus on the latest and greatest technology. They supervised an IT department that ran a company’s servers and helped find the best applications or software. While this helped achieve practical corporate objectives, IT leaders weren’t involved in the overall business plan… Continue reading >

5 Root Causes of Your Cloud Cost Spike

Public vs Private Cloud: Why Some Enterprises Make the Switch to In-House Data Centers

From the very early days of the public cloud, low upfront costs and drastically reduced lead times have made pay-as-you-go computing a particularly attractive choice for start-up businesses. Then, as vendor propositions came of age, a wave of large-scale enterprises began to see the huge business benefits of modern, elastic, on-demand computing environments and started… Continue reading >

how to become a cloud computing expert

5 Key Steps to Becoming a Highly Valued Cloud Computing Expert

There’s never been a better time to work in the cloud computing industry. As enterprises modernize their IT and adopt agile and DevOps processes, they’re moving in increasing numbers to cloud-based environments. And the result has been a huge demand for people with cloud expertise. The market is particularly buoyant in the US, where cloud… Continue reading >

hybrid cloud

How to Measure and Support Your CIO’s Hybrid Cloud Agenda: 5 Key Performance Criteria

Hybrid cloud computing has been the cornerstone of a revolution in enterprise IT, as companies adopt a faster, leaner and more agile approach to software development through the combined benefits of traditional data centers and a modern and scalable on-demand computing environment. But, whereas start-ups have long been using cloud computing to get their IT… Continue reading >

aws India

Amazon Launches AWS India Region: What It Means for Enterprise Cloud Costs

At the end of June, AWS took another step in its rapid global expansion campaign when it officially launched its first infrastructure region in India, as part of a $5 billion investment in the country. The move comes in response to demand from India’s 75,000 existing customers, who are already using other AWS regions, but… Continue reading >