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understand the role of IT financial managers

The New Role of ITFM (IT Financial Managers) in Cloud Environments

Enterprise data centers have been, and still are, large strategic areas within organizations and require a hefty amount of funds to operate. That being said, capacity and budget planning, along with managing IT physical and human resources for organizational projects, can be quite difficult. After over two decades of experience, enterprises have learned how to… Continue reading >

Scheduled Instances

Scheduled RIs vs. On-Demand vs. RIs vs. Spot Instances: What’s the Best AWS Pricing Model for Your Enterprise?

With the seemingly wide variety of pricing models that are offered by AWS, yet another has recently been added to the pile. Up until now, AWS customers have become accustomed to AWS’ flagship On-Demand and Reserved Instance pricing models to satisfy their short term requirements and longer term commitments. For those who have more spontaneous… Continue reading >


Gartner Report Analysis: Can Other IaaS Providers Compete With AWS and Azure?

The global cloud infrastructure services sector is rapidly expanding. But, despite the consistent flow of new players to the IaaS arena, the big four, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Google, are tightening their grip on the market. Their combined share is now more than half of the entire market. And competitors, such as Rackspace and CenturyLink,… Continue reading >

Learn about Azure storage options and costs

Azure Storage Options and Costs from A to Z

More and more companies, including the world’s largest enterprises, are jumping on the progressive cloud adoption bandwagon, proving that cloud storage is an emerging market. Microsoft recently announced that Azure File Storage will be available to the public, which puts its storage solution on par with the current prowess of AWS. In general, there are… Continue reading >