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cloud msp should know about these challenges and solutions to common problems

5 Challenges and Tips for Cloud Managed Service Providers (Cloud MSPs)

Many cloud-based MSPs act as cloud service resellers and provide their own integrated cloud management and support services. Handling multiple cloud consumers, MSPs need to centralize their management in order to report cloud costs for each of their clients while achieving cloud operations efficiency. As important players in a growing market, cloud MSPs need to… Continue reading >

Find out what is best suited for your business needs: AWS vs. Azure

Price-Performance Cloud Portability: AWS vs. Azure

The term ‘application portability’ arose some time ago, though it’s only gained popularity as of late. So what does the term actually mean and why is it so important? When applications are designed, they’re usually created to fit in with a specific environment, such as hardware, operating systems, middleware, etc. All of these precise dependencies… Continue reading >

Read about 6 AWS Storage Cost Use Cases

Not Only S3: 6 AWS Cloud Storage Cost Use Cases: Part 1

Whenever cloud computing professionals talk about Amazon Web Services (AWS) and storage, the conversation usually revolves around Amazon S3. However the AWS cloud offers a wide range of storage and cost management options, each of which has its own specific use case. In this two part series, we will talk about various storage options available… Continue reading >

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Cloud IT Financial Management (ITFM): Cost Allocation – Solved

Cloud resources of all shapes and sizes are used by different departments throughout the enterprise with the itemized monthly bills reflecting the resources purchased and used. The sum of the bills from all cloud suppliers represents the total cost to the company. A basic level of cost allocation granularity can be achieved using the cloud… Continue reading >