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cloud computing conferences of 2016

The 2016 Conference Season: 7 Cloud Events You Should Know About

As the cloud events season steps into full swing you’re probably wondering what cloud computing conferences you should be making the effort to attend this year. With an almost endless choice of cloud computing focused events it’s not an easy decision to make. Whether you’re interested in getting clued up on the latest trends sweeping… Continue reading >

cloud roi

Cloud vs In-house: How to Explain Cloud ROI to Decision Makers

Public cloud computing offers you many advantages over traditional on-premises infrastructure. Not only does it provide a modern, secure and flexible IT platform that can give you a competitive edge over your competitors. It can also help your cash flow by eliminating the need for capital investment in new hardware. While you may well be… Continue reading >

Cloud Adoption

Ready for the Cloud? Here’s What You Should Move (and When)

Public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) vendors, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, offer many benefits over traditional data centers. But where do you start? Which applications do you move first? These are business decisions that need very careful consideration. Because, when you migrate the right application, you can gain significant operational efficiencies. And you’ll eliminate many of… Continue reading >

Are we running out of cloud capacity

Cloud Capacity Is Running Out: Can AWS Prevent a Cloud Armageddon?

Data is fast becoming a hot commodity—individuals, organizations and their devices require ever more computing capacity to process and store it, and much of the soaring demand is being met by cloud services. According to Mark Whitby, Senior Vice President at Seagate, 2016 is set to mark the year when the world produces more digital… Continue reading >