13 Cloud Blogs and Magazines That Every CIO Needs to Follow

January 5 2016 | by Boris Goldberg

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Every CIO wants to step up their company’s IT game with the emerging technology trends, like the cloud and DevOps, that are propelling modern enterprises into the future. We live in a time where this key knowledge is accessible through online resources but, the sheer volume of relevant information can be hard to sift through.

We have compiled a list of the top 13 cloud blogs and magazines to follow that can help CIOs gain the knowledge they need to take the next steps with their organizations.

1. TechTarget Cloud Channels
TechTarget has made our list due to its vast amount of knowledge from hundreds of contributors who provide content for its large network of technology websites. TechTarget sections off its content into channels that focus on topics that range from CIO strategies all the way to guides about DR (disaster recovery) implementation. We’d like to highlight two cloud computing channels in particular, SearchCloudComputing and SearchAWS. SearchCloudComputing provides the latest in cloud news and knowledge in terms of the private cloud and the public cloud, including management aspects such as security and costs. SearchAWS is relatively new and offers great AWS oriented articles, including detailed how-to guides.

2. CIO’s Cloud Computing Channel
As part of the IDG magazine network, CIO provides a leading source of relevant and up to date information via its cloud computing channel. CIO’s cloud computing channel recognized that the cloud trend was emerging faster than most other publications, which provided CIO’s cloud channel an abundance of content on the true evolution of cloud computing. Additionally, since CIO.com has close ties to large traditional vendors such as Cisco, VMware and Microsoft, its cloud channel receives updated information from these large enterprises on current best practices and use cases that can help enterprise CIOs as well as government agencies.

3. Data Center Knowledge (DCK)
Data Center Knowledge magazine started in 2005 and quickly became a leading source that deals with all aspects of data center management. Over the last few years, it has extensively covered cloud technologies with topics ranging from physical data center infrastructure to intelligent cloud-based data centers. You can find articles on market trends, use cases, and even an abundance of white papers that cover a wide breadth of topics, which is perfect for any scholarly CIO.

4. Network World (NWW)
NetworkWorld is another noteworthy IDG magazine as it is unbiased towards any specific vendor, giving it a neutral, genuine voice. This helps Network World’s senior cloud journalist and editor, Brandon Butler, produce great opinion posts on large enterprise happenings such as mergers and releases, in addition to articles that focus on cloud vendor trends. Network World’s cloud channel also has very useful information regarding compliance and regulations that IT decision makers should look into, seeing as they are industry standard metrics.

5. Infoworld
Many tech industry professionals have known about InfoWorld as a popular IT resource since the first PCs came to fruition. As such a rooted publication, InfoWorld has a long-standing tradition of being a strong, independent voice in guiding tech trends. Additionally, InfoWorld has a slew of notable journalists on its staff including David Linthicum, an early cloud influencer.

6. Forrester & Gartner Cloud Blogs
Forrester and Gartner are independent technology research companies that stand as leading analyst firms in the IT world. Forrester Research’s CIO blog as well as Gartner’s analyst blogs (such as Lydia Leong’s, which provides leading IaaS market coverage) are important resources that help evaluate and compare cloud vendors to find the ideal fit for any company. The blogs also offer information about general cloud migration requirements and are key resources for all CIOs that are eyeballing the cloud for their companies.

7. Market Players Blogs
In addition to the publications we have highlighted above, there are a few cloud blogs that CIOs should consider looking into.

Netflix Tech Blog – The Netflix Tech Blog is considered an especially noteworthy blog because Netflix is considered the poster child for AWS. Companies using AWS can get a better perspective on their cloud progression from Netflix’s blog seeing as it provides wisdom from the successes and failures of Netflix’s cloud journey.

AWS, Azure and Google cloud blogs (Public Cloud Vendor Blogs) – Additional cloud blogs to follow are those published by AWS, Azure, and GCP due to the fact that they are the three major public cloud offerings. As a CIO, it is imperative to keep track of new releases and products that are made available in the public cloud because they shape and define the future of enterprise IT. These cloud blogs give information straight from major cloud players on case studies, use cases, interviews, videos and much more.

* Bonus: Cloudyn (Our) Cloud Blog

The Cloudyn blog covers the economics of the cloud and how they have changed, as well as the financial aspects of the shift from rigid to scalable, agile data centers. We also cover both private and public cost/performance analysis with applicable models based on our studies and customer experience. If you want to take the next step in learning about the fiscal side of the cloud, check out our blog.

Obviously, there are more magazines that deal with IT and the cloud that we didn’t mention here, and we invite you to comment and add your own recommendations below. In addition, we welcome you to check out this list of cloud influencers to help you not only follow great magazines but the people that speak about and breathe the cloud, as well.

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