15 things your company could buy with $100,000

January 5 2014 | by Jonathan Nimrodi blog, cost allocation, what can you do with

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So, you managed to save $100,000 of company spend by using Cloudyn to optimize your cloud deployment. While your CFO prefers to show better results this quarter, you think it’s only right to leverage it properly. And so, after some research I conducted for suggestions, I came up with this list of purchases that can be made for $100,000.

1. 454,545 clicks on your Facebook ads
Drive traffic to your website, grow awareness and increase sales (Based on an average price of 22 cents p/click).fb

2. 40,000 pounds of gummy bears
This is a company life-time supply that will make you smile every day, all day. It’ll also make a bear out of you.bears

3. 25,000 clicks on your Linkedin Ads
Linkedin is considered the top platform for B2B advertising. It is also considered the priciest one. Use the money to generate leads and increase sales (Based on average price of $4 per click).


 4. Build a Gymnasium for your staff
Not only is it nice to have your employees happy, but in cost-benefit analysis, this could actually pay off. When employees improve their physical wellbeing, time-off due to illness drops, cutting cost of sick days while causing an increase in work productivity and overall employee morale.

GYM5. 40 63″ Plasma Televisions to put in each office

Enjoy meetings with big shared screens, invite a faraway meeting attendant and talk face to face, and enjoy music in the background while working.


6. 10 day vacation in Acapulco for 80 people
Known as the “Pearl of the Pacific” with its white-sandy beaches and warm, calm waters this is the perfect company retreat.. 40 couples, or 80 employees, getting tanned and developing a strong bond.

drink7. 200 units of iPad Air
Give your employees the gift of their dreams.

8. Buy 2 Porsche Boxter 2014 Model
Help the CEO compensate for something with a shiny new Porsche.


9. Own a booth and sponsor 3 high level conferences in your industry
Face to face encounters are considered the #1 resource for generating business leads

leads10. PADI Open Water Diver course in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for 270 people
Have fun in the sun while gaining a full level diver certification for scuba diving for the whole company

scooba11. Get your name out there
Hire an SEO company to shape up your website ($3500 p/month), A full-time blogger ($2800 p/month), And host a sponsored and promoted, premium seating monthly webinar ($3000 p/webinar).

content is king

12. Wii, XBOX and PS3 system with 500 games each
Every gamers’ dream! Need to decompress after a stressful meeting? A few rounds with one of these systems will wipe.


13. Send 25 selected employees with their families to Disneyland with a full-pass
Delight your best performing employees and their families with a dream trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.


14. 45 Grandstand Level Season Tickets to the New York Yankees


15. Company community service day
You decide to donate the amount, but consider the option of using that money to pay your employees while taking them to a community service day/week at an institute of your choice. Build your brand name, bring employees together while giving back to your community – sounds like the perfect idea..


So, if you’re finding it hard to manage your cloud resources, know that you could be saving up to 45% of those costs by using Cloudyn. Start your free 20-day trial here.

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