A Trip Down Memory Lane – Cloudyn's Best Tips, Tricks & Cheats of 2013

December 19 2013 | by Laurie Ben-Haim Alerts, AWS, aws cost optimization, cloud compliance, Cloud Cost Management, Cloud Provisioning, reserved instances

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Before bidding a final farewell to 2013 we wanted to share highlights from our top five most popular blog posts of the year that shed light on which trends will likely be hot in 2014.

How to Measure Organizational Accountability: Who Left the (Cloud) Lights On?
In the world of cloud computing, identifying the source of operational expenses is not so simple. Your Amazon bill delivers a bird’s eye view of what services you’re paying for, but if you try digging into the details of your cost drivers throughout the organization – you are going to need some help.
2013 was marked by management beginning to seriously look for a way to associate cost with individual business units or projects. This approach creates accountability by allocating consumption down to the individual user level. Any application or team with unusually high cloud consumption levels can easily be identified by management so they can make the necessary adjustments – i.e. update the budget or limit cloud usage. Read more

See how Cloudyn’s cloud cost management tools deliver transparency and the effortless ability to accurately attribute cloud consumption to specific users.

Proactive Management of Unused Reserved Capacity
So you’ve done your homework and identified (hopefully with Cloudyn’s easy-to-use RI buying recommendations) which reserved instances to purchase. But what happens if things don’t go as planned and you end up with unused reservations? Big ouch or big opportunity?

Since AWS recently lifted their ban on relocating and/or modifying reservations, you can now use Cloudyn to easily see which of your reservations are currently unused AND where you can reuse them by either relocating them to a different availability zone or by modifying the instance type. Read more

Check out how our Unused RI Detector can help you maximize you reserved instance ROI.

Show Me the Consolidated Billing!
Before cloud monitoring and optimization became an organizational imperative, it used to be acceptable for several business units to run (and pay for) their own cloud deployments separately. However, as resource consumption and costs increased, companies recognized the importance of a central view of all cloud costs. Though AWS’ consolidated billing (one paying account to link all company accounts) is a huge improvement to the billing process, identifying inefficiencies and areas for optimization remains challenging.

One of the tools that can help you gain insight into the ambiguity is Cloudyn’s Cost Controller, which analyzes usage patterns across all linked accounts including ROI calculations and reservation vs. on-demand comparisons Read more

The Seven Tagging Habits of Highly Effective Devops
Another hot AWS feature that rapidly gained popularity in 2013 is resource tagging. By doing this you associate any resource with a specific business unit or application – providing critical business insights that would otherwise be invisible.

Think of tags as the cloud’s window into your business, a view that is essential for successful cloud management. Every tag is an opportunity to leverage the cloud for business goals since they are key to slicing and dicing data just the way you want it. They also create a stepping-stone for conversations about initiatives that are under the ‘organizational radar’.

Cloudyn’s full support for AWS tagging helps organizations engage in cost allocation with granular business insight into who is using what in the cloud. Read more

Clarity, Cost and Compliance in the Cloud
When looking to maximize the value of your cloud there are three important factors that are often overlooked – clarity, cost, and compliance. Of course, there is much more involved in managing your cloud, but these three principles form the bedrock of cloud excellence.

  • Clarity in your cloud – Without knowing exactly what you are spending and on what, monthly bills that were once a few hundred bucks can balloon into tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Cost of your cloud – Once you understand what you are spending and for what, it’s time to make sure you are getting the best ROI for your cloud spend.
  • Keeping your cloud compliant – Staying transparent and ensuring that your organization is following company policies is important for maintaining a lean and mean cloud machine.1

The cloud is an exciting opportunity to grow your business, but you must approach it first and foremost with a business perspective. Keeping these 3 C’s of cloud computing in mind, you will ensure that your deployment will shine.Read more

Find out how Cloudyn’s solution can help you set up alerts for usage or cost violations. Sign-up free

As the holidays quickly approach and Q4 draws to a close, we eagerly look forward to the New Year filled with nice fluffy and fully optimized clouds!

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