AWS 2014 re:Invent: The Cloud is the New Enterprise Normal

November 19 2014 | by Ophir Shalitin reinvent

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We were privileged to take part in all three of AWS’ re:Invent conferences, and as one of Amazon’s cloud’s veteran partners, we wanted to share our experience from last week’s re:Invent with you.cloudyn

It felt only natural to see that the conference was focused on the cloud’s enterprise adoption, after seeing the traction that our service received this year from large enterprises that use AWS. Contrary to last year’s event, Amazon didn’t need to prove or explain the current enterprise adoption trend. Accordingly, the crowd wasn’t only composed of geeks and developers like it was in previous years, but also IT executives and leaders.

Enterprise Grade Announcements

We weren’t surprised to learn that a great amount of the products that were announced this year support enterprises. AWS’ Key Management Service was among one of the products that was introduced, which supports the creation and control of data encryption keys, a need purely benefitting enterprises.

Another important product announcement was the AWS Service Catalog, which allows IT administrators to create and manage their enterprise resource catalog through an online portal. The catalog enables enterprises to have complete control of their IT inventory, as well as the control of their users’ IT services.Therefore, an IT vendor that owns an enterprise service catalog would also own the resources that the enterprise uses, leading us to believe that the AWS Service Catalog will include access to other cloud vendors as well.

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No Price Reductions

Price cuts were not announced at this year’s re:Invent. As the cloud market’s leading innovator, it appears that Amazon doesn’t want to encourage the race to zero. Following its other announcements, Amazon moved higher up the stack as it delivered more platform services like Lambda and support for Docker containers, which are not tightly linked to the compute per hour pricing model. In his keynote, AWS’ senior vice president, Andy Jassy, mentioned that the cloud’s agility is the driving factor when it comes to adoption, as opposed to costs. We know that although the single hourly cost is an important factor, the cloud is cost effective not only because of the compute per hour model, but is more importantly due to the the option of continuous optimization in the way resources are used, like the introduction of Lambda.

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Final Note

It was amazing to see the great success of the AWS ecosystem, growing from tens of exhibitors to three hundred exhibitors, and from a few thousand attendees, to almost 15 thousand attendees. This educational event included hundreds of breakout sessions. This growth makes AWS re:Invent the best show in town, and the most important annual event in the IT industry. With Amazon’s support of Coca Cola and Nike, the cloud is definitely the new normal. We felt this energy at our booth as our team performed hundreds of demonstrations of our services, as well as when we met a great amount of our customers. We also congratulate all of the winners of the prizes at our booth!

We expect next year’s conference to show tremendous growth and we are very much looking forward for AWS re:Invent 2015.

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