AWS Data Transfer Costs: Where Are They Coming From?

April 30 2014 | by Eran Abramson AWS

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If you are running on AWS, than most likely your cloud bills can be somewhat confusing at times without real transparency of actual usage and costs. A usual monthly event includes receiving your bill, seeing your AWS data transfer costs, and having no means to break it down or understand what it’s made up of (example from bill below).


While your AWS invoice/User console won’t shed much light; Cloudyn will!

Cloudyn’s Cost Analysis tool breaks down costs with our powerful filtering capabilities, visualizing spend with easy views and options:

aws data transfer costs 1 4 28 14

In the screenshot above, a clear visualization example is provided, presenting all the AWS services you use. There are many filtering options available, such as services, accounts, regions, resource types and more. In this example, you can see that total AWS data transfer costs amounted to $2,389.8. To uncover what these are comprised of, Cloudyn allows you to drill down even further.

aws data transfer costs 2 4 28 14

In this second screenshot, we have selected the “Data Transfer” service, as well as the “Resource Type” in order to dig deeper into which services are the main drivers of the AWS Data Transfer costs. With our Analysis tool, you may easily see what is driving your costs, and in this example S3 leads the pack with EC2 and a few other services also contributing to the total cost.

But wait! We don’t stop there!
aws data transfer costs 3 4 28 14

Filtering even further, we can select S3 in “Resource Type”, and then select “Sub Type” and are easily shown that Data Transfer-Out-Bytes make up the bulk of the spend.

This is just one of Cloudyn’s many eye-opening capabilities which help understand cloud deployments as well as provide actionable optimization recommendations. You can see for yourself how to improve your deployment and cut costs easily with our 20-day free trial.

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