AWS re:Invent's Top 5 Cloud Optimization Sessions and More

October 29 2014 | by Ophir Shalitin aws cloud optimization

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Our team has been preparing for this year’s massive Las Vegas cloud celebration for over a month now. Amazon is the cloud market’s consummate trailblazer, which makes re:Invent the most important cloud conference in the world.

Owing, in part, to our recent funding, we are proud to help sponsor AWS re:Invent this year. Over the past year, we’ve experienced great traction for our cloud optimization service, especially by the AWS community. Today, our global AWS spend averages around 8% with 2,400 customers worldwide. These include F500 industry leaders in aerospace, infrastructure, consumer online travel services, IT management consulting, and manufacturing.

It is thrilling to think about how much knowledge awaits the growing AWS cloud community of customers, journalists, employees, and more. However, while researching the AWS re:Invent breakout session catalog, we realized that cloud sprawl does not just pertain to costs. It also applies to the amazing new amount of features, products and best practices that AWS introduces each year. As the 3rd year of this young IT conference, the growth in the amount of attendees from year to year clearly demonstrates the exponential growth of the cloud industry, as a whole, especially within AWS.

5 Cloud Optimization re:Invent Breakout Sessions

Navigating through the breakout session catalog was actually quite simple with the help of AWS’ comprehensive filtering feature. However, with over 230 sessions, creating a personalized re:Invent agenda requires a lot of focus.

We have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience helping thousands of AWS consumers optimize their clouds. As a result, we wanted to share the breakout sessions we feel reflect our expertise, including how to architect, build and maintain a cost aware cloud environment. With that, we highly recommend attending the following 5 re:Invent breakout sessions.

*Please note that each session description below is based on our thoughts after reading the session catalog descriptions:

1. Cloud-Native Cost Optimization | Adrian Cockroft Battery Ventures

The former Cloud Architect of Netfix, and current Technology Fellow at Battery Ventures, will lecture about re-architecting traditional applications to be cloud-native, and how significant operational cost reductions and environment optimization can aid in development. He will discuss best practices for cloud-native development, test, and production deployment architectures that turn off unused resources and take full advantage of optimizations such as reserved instances and consolidated billing. Learn more here.

2. Running Lean Architectures: How to Optimize for Cost Efficiency | AWS and Adobe

Presented by Adobe and AWS representatives, this lecture will discuss how an IT company can reduce waste and fine-tune AWS spending. According to the catalog, this session will discuss planning, monitoring, and optimization strategies, featuring real-world experiences from AWS’ very own customer, Adobe Systems. There will also be a discussion regarding the techniques used to optimize and manage costs, while maximizing performance and improving resilience. What’s more, this lecture will effectively combine EC2 On-Demand, Reserved Instances, and Spot Instances to handle different use cases. By leveraging auto scaling, the lecture explains how to match capacity and workload, choose the most optimal instance type through load testing, take advantage of multi-AZ support, and use CloudWatch to monitor usage and automatically shut off resources when not in use. Learn more here.

3. Designing for SaaS: Next-Generation Software Delivery Models in AWS

While it may not be clear from the title, this session will cover deployment architecture for SaaS onto the AWS cloud, keeping important factors, from security to cost optimization, in mind. It will review options and tradeoffs for common SaaS architectures, including cost optimization, resource optimization, performance optimization, and security and data isolation. Learn more here.

4. Understanding Total Cost of Ownership on AWS

The million dollar question: How do you understand/calculate the TCO of the cloud? CIOs will probably be the audience here (according to the catalog), learning how to calculate and understand the differences between TCO for on-premises, colocation and cloud environments. One of the leaders of this session will be Marc Johnson, the Business Development Manager – Cloud Economics & TCO, AWS – Learn more here.

5. Cost Optimization on AWS (Advanced session)

This is tagged as an advanced users session. It will include tricks and tips that you can quickly implement in order to reduce waste and choose the most efficient instance for your needs (which can be a very complicated task). The session is also tagged as an enterprise adoption session, which made our team quite curios. All together, this seems to be somewhat different from the beginners session we attended last year on cost optimization. Learn more here.

Learn Even More, Come Visit Our Booth (#532)

To enrich your cloud knowledge, come see Cloudyn’s cloud optimization in action! Our team would be delighted to learn about your unique AWS environment and offer optimization recommendations and support. Just drop by booth #532.

If you’d like to schedule a specific time to discuss your situation, please shoot me an email at

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you at the conference!

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