AWS Users – Who They Are and What They Spend

February 21 2013 | by Zev Schonberg AWS, Cloud Cost Management, Cloud Pricing

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At the start of 2013 we wanted to get a clear picture of our customer base. So we analyzed the profile of 260 Cloudyn customers and the resulting data produced a great map of the AWS users base – including company size, revenue, location, and of course their actual AWS spend plus their potential saving opportunities. Check it out:

Cloud demographics

Our research showed that the vast majority of AWS customers were small, private companies, with 55% located in North America, 23% in Europe (of that, 43% in the UK) and the rest spread throughout the globe.

Cloud costs and savings

Our data also shows that 59% of customers spend less than $50,000 annually with AWS, 29% spend $51,000-$250,000, and 12% spending more than $250,000. While only 6% of customers spend $250,001 – $500,000, this group has the largest saving potential with an average of 46%. All other segments have cost optimization potential of between 34% – 46%,

S3 optimization opportunities

After talking with many companies, we were surprised how many people simply had no idea what was going on inside their S3 storage. Our new S3 Tracker splits S3 across buckets and allocates cost per usage providing crystal clear visibility. Interestingly, the most expensive ‘Standard’ storage type is also the most widely used, dominating with 84% of S3 spend. Post-optimization, this can be reduced to 60% and redistributed to the Reduced and Glacier storage alternatives.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we share more AWS cloud stats and best-practices.

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