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Cloudyn’s EC2 Relocation Feature Cuts Your AWS Bill Down to Size

Keeping track of your AWS bill can be a full time job. Not only do you have to follow Amazon’s frequent AWS pricing updates – every new feature potentially opens up new savings opportunities. As you can imagine, many AWS customers are quite literally leaving frustrating amounts of cash on Amazon’s cloud. You’ve Got Unused Reservations!… Continue reading >


A Trip Down Memory Lane – Cloudyn’s Best Tips, Tricks & Cheats of 2013

Before bidding a final farewell to 2013 we wanted to share highlights from our top five most popular blog posts of the year that shed light on which trends will likely be hot in 2014. How to Measure Organizational Accountability: Who Left the (Cloud) Lights On? In the world of cloud computing, identifying the source… Continue reading >

The 3 C’s of Cloud Computing

When looking to maximize the value of your cloud there are three important factors that are often overlooked – clarity, cost, and compliance. Of course, there is much more involved in managing your cloud, but these three principles form the bedrock of cloud excellence. CLARITY in your cloud The well-known business saying “what you cannot… Continue reading >

The Seven Tagging Habits of Highly Effective Devops

Tagging is probably one of the hottest capabilities available on Amazon Web Services. By tagging a resource, you associate it with a specific business unit or application – providing critical business insights that would otherwise be invisible to the rest of the organization. Effective use of AWS tags could quite literally revolutionize the way you… Continue reading >

Beyond Cloud ROI: Optimize Deployment for Application Efficiency

As enterprises get more comfortable in the cloud, the conversation is shifting from the focus on cost to a holistic business perspective. Obviously, keeping spending down for increased ROI remains the primary business driver. However, ignoring the big-picture business perspective risks missing other key benefits the cloud has to offer. Show Me The Performance! While… Continue reading >

Eating Our Own CloudFood And Liking It

Last week our product development team learned first-hand why “eating our own dogfood” is a best-practice for understanding customer use cases and creating technology that solves real problems. Crashed without a trace Monitoring and optimizing AWS deployments requires a robust collection system. So when our watchdog system picked up (in our development environment) that our… Continue reading >

How to Measure Organizational Accountability:
Who Left the (Cloud) Lights On ?

When it comes to your electric bill, there are clear indicators of who is racking up costs. Running the HVAC overnight when no one is around or leaving the lights on over the weekend will clearly flag ‘electricity violators’.  But in the world of cloud Opex, things are not so simple. Your Amazon bill will… Continue reading >