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September 21 2014 | by Zev Schonberg EC2, EC2 cost, ec2 pricing

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One of the challenging areas in AWS cloud cost management is determining which pricing model – On-Demand or Reserved – should be used for your EC2 deployment.

On-demand instances are very dynamic, with no upfront fees, you simply pay as you go, but at a premium per hourly charge. EC2 reserved instances, on the other hand, include an upfront one-time fee, but with significantly lower hourly charges.

So with numerous deployments, departments, regions and more, how are you supposed to know which route – on-demand or reserved – is the right one?

Cloudyn has a comprehensive suite of cloud cost optimization tools to help you decide which pricing model should be selected, where, and why.

EC2 Reserved Instance calculator

With our EC2 RI calculator, you receive a high-level, executive summary of potential savings:
ec2 reserved instances calculator 1

…with the ability to customize recommendations:

ec2 reserved instances calculator 2

As well as receive relevant actionable buying recommendations with specific justifications: what is recommended, anything to change, where, why, and what would be the results in terms of cost savings.

ec2 reserved instances calculator 3

EC2 RI buying recommendations
This feature from Cloudyn enhances the overall recommendations with additional tools such as Instances over Time:
ec2 reserved instances calculator instances over time

EC2 RI Type Comparison reports and more:
ec2 reserved instances calculator ec2 ri type comparison

With such valuable information and details, you may reverse engineer Cloudyn’s recommendations, and thus be confident that the proper reservation is purchased.

Overall, you gain a deep and insightful view into your cloud deployment, understanding what is working, where, and if improvement is available, how to optimize.

Check out our additional posts, tutorials and sign up for a free trial to see how you may gain proper visibility into your cloud, improve performance and reduce costs.

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