Case Study: How Infomedia Shifted Gears with Cloud Cost Efficiency

April 27 2015 | by Yoav Mor Cloud Cost Management, Cloud Optimization

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This next blog post is about one of our customers. After using Cloudyn on their massive AWS deployment, they got quick and long-lasting benefits which enhanced their usage efficiency, as well as reduced overall cloud costs and improved cost clarity across the board. You’re welcome to read more below, or access the full case study here.

Infomedia Ltd., an Australia-based, publicly traded company (ASX:IFM), is a global supplier of IT solutions to the parts and service sector of the global automotive industry. Its solutions are used by over 147,000 users, spanning 185 countries and 30 languages.

As a global IT solutions supplier, it holds a massive AWS deployment, spanning four AWS regions and nine availability zones. At such scale, Infomedia’s IT team was unable to keep up with all running instances and was faced with frequent cloud sprawl, which inflated the costs of operation and lowered overall profitability and business performance. The financial department demanded information on the specific products which were accountable for the cost spikes…information which the IT team could not deliver.

After evaluating different cloud management vendors, and even considering an in-house solution (an idea which was dropped due to the extensive time and resources required), Infomedia opted for Cloudyn’s SaaS-based cloud monitoring and optimization tools. It was the only solution in the industry that not only fulfilled, but exceeded all of Infomedia’s IT team’s requirements and pain points and was offered in a SaaS model, thereby avoiding additional capital expenses.

Cloudyn’s insights helped Infomedia become much more efficient in its cloud usage, reduced cloud costs by over 30% and enhanced cost clarity and transparency across the organization . They included:

  • RI purchase recommendations for highly used EC2 and RDS instances which were priced “on-demand”
  • Unused RIs were spotted, which allowed Infomedia to either modify or utilize them
  • Unattached, unused EBS volumes were spotted and terminated
  • Scheduled reports
  • Tagging governance was enforced, and as a result, cost spikes could be attributed to specific products

Get the full story here

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