Cloud IT Financial Management (ITFM): Cost Allocation – Solved

June 21 2015 | by Jonathan Nimrodi

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Cloud resources of all shapes and sizes are used by different departments throughout the enterprise with the itemized monthly bills reflecting the resources purchased and used. The sum of the bills from all cloud suppliers represents the total cost to the company.

A basic level of cost allocation granularity can be achieved using the cloud providers’ native account consolidation practices. Here are two examples from the largest providers – AWS and Azure:

  • AWS offers the possibility of linking accounts to a consolidated paying account. This gives us two levels of cost allocation granularity, but cannot drill down into allocation of costs under each linked account.
    Similarly, Microsoft Azure users create accounts, an entity which is responsible for management of multiple Azure subscriptions. This provides the same two-level cost allocation granularity as in AWS. Enterprise Agreement (EA) customers, however, can create a 4-level cost allocation granularity in their enterprise enrollment.
    There is a genuine need for IT, operations, business and financial leaders to have full visibility into the distribution of these costs among the different business units and projects. Though cloud costs can easily reach six figures for a medium size enterprise, current current cost allocation methods involve a lot of guesswork.
    That’s why our next webinar will focus on Cloud IT Financial Management (ITFM), and cloud cost allocation in particular. Join us as we examine some of the most common challenges and use cases in cost allocation, and present a solution framework for reliable cloud cost allocation and chargeback/showback.

    You’ll learn

    1. Aggregating costs from one or more cloud providers  

    2. Creation and enforcement of tagging practices  

    3. Allocating the unallocatable  

    4. The floating nature of AWS Reserved Instances  

    5. Unblending those blended costs  

    And more…

    DATE:       Monday, June 29th  2015

    TIME:       EDT: 12-1 pm| PDT: 9-10 am | GMT: 4-5 pm


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