Cloud Sinners and Saints – A CIO Confessional

April 29 2013 | by Zev Schonberg AWS, CIO, Cloud Cost Management, EC2 cost

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In most areas of life, but particularly in business, we love comparing our good (and not-so-good) deeds with those of our peers. This benchmarking enables us to ensure our performance meets industry standards while identifying areas for growth. For those of you using the Amazon cloud, our webcast replay will be an excellent opportunity to do just this, and compare notes on cloud computing trends, pain-points and best-practices for keeping your Amazon ec2 prices as low as possible.

AWS cloud tips from Dublin plus emerging global trends

During the session, Dara Keher, CIO of Version 1 – one of the fastest growing IT services companies in Western Europe – shares how he keeps his AWS deployment fit and trim as well as his favorite watering hole in Dublin [update: he didn’t share this info in the end].

David Feinleib of the Big Data Group and Vittaly Tavor VP Products at Cloudyn, discussed research results on the usage patterns for over 450 AWS customers monitored by Cloudyn. Areas covered included:

  • How cloud consumption has matured in last half-year
  • Where AWS users can achieve greater performance efficiency for same price
  • Which services and pricing plans can be effectively used for cost-optimization

And much, much more.

Get into the action

This webcast is designed to be fun and we guarantee “no death by powerpoint”. Most importantly, it’s meant to benefit you, so check it out now!

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