CloudSlam‘12 – Balancing Business Agility with Full IT Control

July 4 2012 | by Zev Schonberg Cloud Cost Management, cloudslam

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The CloudSlam’12 conference in San Francisco last month, was a huge success with attendees enjoying the opportunity to participate in a broad range of lectures and programs as well as network with industry peers. One the major issues discussed at the conference was how best to balance cloud usage so that both business and IT objectives can be achieved with mutual satisfaction.

Cloudyn CEO, Sharon Wagner addresses this issue in his presentation, Shine a Light on Shadow IT and illustrates how business requirements can be met while ensuring that concerns such as security and cost are kept under control.

Shadow IT is Here to Stay

Sharon notes in his presentation that shadow IT is here to stay. With the cloud offering increased capacity, agility and burgeoning services in a wide range of industries – all at increasingly lower cost – it comes as no surprise PwC reports that currently “IT controls less than 50% of corporate technology expenditures” and Gartner predicts that by 2014 “35% of enterprise IT expenditures will happen outside of the corporate IT budget”.

These stats strongly indicate that with or without IT approval, the cloud has become a fact of business life. The only question that remains is how will IT ensure that cloud consumption remains secure and profitable.

Transforming Shadow IT into Business-Driven IT

Transitioning away from a situation where cloud services are used (by different business units or individuals) without any oversight or control has clearly become the order of the day. Once an organization recognizes the importance of aligning business and IT requirements, Cloudyn ensures that the next steps are straightforward and successful.

Sharon outlines this process with a client example and elaborates on how Cloudyn provides CIOs and other relevant stakeholders with the ability to gain actionable insight into all their cloud usage and performance, allowing them to cut costs, properly allocate resources and provision for future cloud consumption.

To discover how Cloudyn can help you align cloud consumption with business objectives – contact us today!

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