Cloudyn Introduces Enterprise Chargeback Edition

April 8 2014 | by Jonathan Nimrodi Cloud Cost Management

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Today is a very exciting day for us Cloud Guardians at Cloudyn. We have embarked on yet another exciting new cloud adventure by announcing the availability of “Cloudyn Enterprise Chargeback Edition”, an offering that addresses the increasing pain enterprises are facing with their growing cloud deployment.

In a nutshell, the Chargeback Edition provides companies a single view across multiple business units into cloud usage, cost drivers, and resource allocation, providing actionable recommendations for enhancing utilization, increasing performance, and reducing spend.

Why Did We Create The Chargeback Functionality?

Some of our largest customers, those with several line-of-business units and complex cloud deployments have reported the pain caused by lack of insight into departmental, workgroup or user-based cloud activities, especially with all those new pricing models for multiple cloud vendors. This lack of insight makes it really complicated for a company’s finance group to apply appropriate chargebacks and accurately identify areas most in need of cost and performance optimization. Cost allocation and chargeback activities can be particularly time-consuming tasks, as they require finance teams to decipher stacks of cloud vendor billing data to identify from where the costs originated. We heard their cries of frustration, and decided to take action.

Who Is Cloudyn Enterprise Chargeback Edition for?

IT Managers and C-Level Executives who need to map cloud costs to their deployments at the departmental level so they can optimize their cloud activities more effectively.

What Does Cloudyn Enterprise Chargeback Do?

Some Key product features include:

  •  One view across multiple business units – This feature provides top-level management with across-the-board insights and an aggregated view of their entire cloud deployment. Areasin need of optimization are easily identified.enteprise dashboard
  • Customized access and chargeback self-serve – This feature enables managements to assign business units with unique views to specific cloud accounts relevant to them, so they can manage and optimize their own usage and cost.
  • Cost entity definition – Finance teams and/or IT/unit managers can breakdown and attribute costs to any relevant business unit, cost center or other “cost entities” (e.g. projects, teams, stacks within a business unit, etc.). They can also determine exactly which business units are driving cloud costs and how. Every finance managers’ dream!role based access business unit

Why Not Give It A Try? It’s Free!

Available immediately, Cloudyn’s Enterprise Chargeback Edition is available for a limited time free trial. Interested parties can sign up here

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