Cloudyn Introduces First Ever PaaS and IaaS Sizing and Relocation Tools

February 6 2013 | by Zev Schonberg EC2, rds, S3

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We’ve just released our newest cloud optimization tools, including the EC2 and RDS Reservation Detectors and the S3 Life-Cycle Tracker, along with a streamlined user interface. We trust that you will enjoy the enhanced navigation to your favorite reports and recommendations, and that the new tools will help you get an even better grip on your cloud consumption.

Cloud users seek greater cost efficiency

The new tools come in response to Cloudyn customer feedback asking for optimization recommendations and insight for additional AWS services. “The market is ripe for a significant overhaul with companies no longer able to ignore the fluctuating costs associated with the dynamic use of their cloud,” noted Sharon Wagner, CEO of Cloudyn. Sharon also pointed out that companies spending between $51,000 and $500,000 in the AWS cloud “have cost optimization potential of between 34% – 46%”.

Brand new tools

The unique Unused Reservation Detector, (part of the RI Navigator) enables you to easily match up On-Demand instances with unused and available reservations, helping reduce ongoing cost and fully utilize idle resources. (This tool is available for both EC2 and RDS.) Additionally, you can track all of your reservation activity as well as view buying and selling recommendations for EC2 and RDS reservations.

The S3 Tracker allows you to view objects and buckets; easily visualize S3 versions you didn’t even know you had, and discover alternative, less expensive storage options.

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