Cloudyn is Now Available on the AWS SaaS Marketplace

November 22 2016 | by cdynadmin

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Cloudyn is an enterprise-grade SaaS solution that helps companies to manage and optimize their multi-platform, hybrid cloud environment or ecosystem in order to fully realize their cloud potential.

At Cloudyn,we are focused on simplifying the complex cloud environment by providing our customers with visibility into their usage, performance and cost, coupled with insights and actionable recommendations for smart optimization and cloud governance. Cloudyn also enables accountability through accurate chargeback and hierarchical cost allocation management.

We are pleased to announce that Cloudyn is now available as an offering on the AWS SaaS Marketplace. Customers can sign up for Cloudyn directly on the AWS Marketplace and pay for the service through their monthly AWS bill. Having Cloudyn on the AWS SaaS Marketplace offers both Cloudyn and AWS customers a number of benefits:

  1. Receiving one integrated bill: Customers will now be able to pay for Cloudyn through a consolidated AWS bill, thereby simplifying the payment process, with one bill for all cloud-related services
  2. Procurement ease: Purchasing Cloudyn through the AWS Marketplace is hassle-free and shortens the purchasing cycle, simplifying a potentially lengthy corporate procurement process.
  3. Management, control and optimization with no upfront cost: Cloudyn’s solution can be set up for the cloud environment in minutes, without the need to install any software, or pay any costs upfront.

Click here to sign up for Cloudyn on the AWS Marketplace. For more details on Cloudyn, email us at

We look forward to welcoming you to the Cloudyn booth, #2225. To set up a one-on-one demo with a product specialist, click here.

See you in Vegas!

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