Cloudyn Now Supports Google Compute Engine

January 28 2014 | by Jonathan Nimrodi cloud brokerage, EC2, gce, multi-cloud

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Today is an exciting day for us Cloud Guardians at Cloudyn. We have embarked on a whole new cloud adventure with our launch of Cloudyn for Google Compute Engine. While we continue to broaden and deepen our tools for AWS cost monitoring and optimization, the rising tide of Google cloud customers will now also be able to maximize their cloud ROI, and AWS customers will benefit as well with more visibility into alternative computing options.

Compare EC2 and GCE costs with ease
Customers with deployments in either AWS, Google or both will be able to monitor, compare and optimize all of their cloud deployments and assets from a single dashboard. The ability to calculate the cost of running a particular workload in either cloud, along with the feasibility of porting those workloads, is the beginning of a whole new cloud computing paradigm.

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Expedia of the Cloud

  • View cost and usage analytics for GCE, as well as see the implications of changes both on the deployment and financial/sizing optimizations for GCE.
  • Examine how their AWS deployments will compare on GCE, exploring and comparing the associated costs in porting AWS EC2 deployments into GCE. They can conduct ‘what if’ scenarios based on cost, performance, and location.
  • Get real-time and accurate porting recommendations from AWS to GCE based on cost, performance and location preferences.
  • Expand to multiple cloud computing platforms. With Cloudyn’s multi-cloud support, businesses get a consolidated AWS and GCE platform that provides uniform views across different vendor platform environments.

We had opened up our beta program a couple of weeks ago, and the soft launch recorded strong interest from our customer base, with 35% asking to participate. Cloudyn CEO Sharon Wagner stated that “Going forward, what we expect to unfold is akin to an “Expedia for the cloud,” where real brokerage empowerment is taking hold and the best deals are offered between sellers and buyers”.

With our flagship product, IT managers, CIOs, and CFOs have access to critical ongoing analytics so they can proactively identify unnecessary spending, unused resources, and over-provisioned services. In doing so, businesses are better able to control their cloud expenditures by applying Cloudyn’s comprehensive recommendations to continuously optimize dynamic deployment configurations and complex pricing options.

Distinct Pricing Advantages Found with Both Platforms
Cloudyn’s beta results showed that both AWS and GCE hold distinct advantages in their field. For example: Cost results from 2 distinct customer use cases running MapReduce jobs generated the following findings:

  • Customer A typically runs 1000 x m1.large instances, with ~40 minutes average runtime per instance. The MR instances are running on-demand. Due to GCE’s per minute billing and lower prices, moving to GCE would save the company ~40%.
  • Customer B’s workload is very similar to Customer A; however, Customer B’s typical job is in the range of 80 minutes, with ~800 m1.large instances per job. Yet, by using Spot instances and calculating the transition, in this case, GCE would actually be ~10% more expensive, despite the sub-hour billing of Google.

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