Cloudyn’s 2016 Cloud Predictions

December 28 2015 | by Jonathan Nimrodi

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2016 marks the year in which AWS turns 10. As we look back at this last decade, it is incredible to see how the cloud has evolved and matured. By far the most widely used public cloud is AWS with Microsoft Azure coming in second place while Google Cloud and IBM SoftLayer are tied for third place in the popularity race. With more players in the game and more complex environments, gaining control can be tricky, but it is certainly an exciting time. So, what can we expect to see in 2016? Cloudyn’s own Multi-cloud Solutions Evangelist, Yoav Mor, predicts the top 3 trend.

Multi-Cloud Use

Many enterprises have long-standing relationships with Microsoft and IBM. As more enterprise companies move to the cloud, they may try to leverage these relationships and move towards a multi-cloud approach.

Growth of Hybrid Clouds

Public cloud adoption is far more popular than private cloud adoption. However, many enterprises are now moving to the hybrid cloud as it’s a great solution that allows for an even larger adoption of the public cloud. This is a trend that will continue in the coming year.

Complexity Intensified

When you consider all of the different types of machines plus physical and virtual resources, complexity is guaranteed. Different capabilities, terminology, and management make the situation even more complicated, but companies will continue to build tools to help users streamline operations.

This post, originally published on, gives a more detailed look at each of the predictions and the reasons behind them.

Read the full post here.

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