Cloudyn’s Customers – Demographics, trends and challenges

May 15 2012 | by Sharon Wagner Cloud Cost, Cloud Economics, Cloudyn Customers

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Over the last several weeks I’ve had an opportunity to meet face to face with dozens of customers using Cloudyn and I wanted to share some general insight from these various meetings about who is at the forefront of wanting to understand cloud cost management.

What I heard correlated well with what our initial data had indicated – that the typical Cloudyn customer has a high level of maturity in cloud management, often are companies that are SaaS or PaaS providers themselves and with trends like Big Data, they are faced with ever increasing levels of data to contend with.

Other insights I heard were:

With mature, established teams to manage clouds – the major issue is finding tools that can help identify areas where the total cost of ownership (TCO) can be lowered with efficient, easy to use tools. Additionally, PaaS is a much less common environment for development than IaaS – because the amount of configuration necessary when using PaaS is high and the companies would rather manage the entire process themselves. IaaS platforms enable the granularity and configurability that these organizations are looking for, and with each project they gain further insight into the infrastructure requirements for the process. This however requires them to become more knowledgeable of the Infrastructure they lease.

Additionally, because of the uncertainties of business growth, public clouds tend to be a more attractive option. While AWS is the option most choose today, customers are starting to look for other public cloud vendors, but are wary of telecoms moving into the market at this point. Many customers didn’t understand the added value the telecom market is proposing to bring to the cloud space due to perceived “ambiguity” in public information available today.

Financial management of the cloud is only increasing in importance. Virtually every IT department is facing pressure and scrutiny from finance. The cost particularly is an issue for SaaS/PaaS vendors as the hidden IT impact for these services is top of mind for the CFO. Without tools to describe the ROI for applications launched in the cloud, there is little ability to help align the organizational goals with cloud capacity and spend. This is a major reason that companies are using Cloudyn to simply and effectively gather, present and analyze this information.

Customers want to have the ability to translate cloud investment into the financially relevant information for the businesses, presented and articulated as business matrices. The better they can monitor changes within the cloud and develop an understanding of the ongoing financial impact the more IT retains control.

But I’m sure that none of these issues are completely new to you – companies of all sizes are facing these challenges with the cloud. With this information, you can clearly see that you are NOT the only company with those challenges.

Cloudyn can also assure you are not alone in this process. We continually look at how to provide tools that clarify cloud economics management and how to correlate your cloud spend with your business objectives. I’m planning to continue to delve into core issues of the cloud management process and try to address the cost issues that keep you up at night. Keep an eye on the blog to speak to challenges in the market and always let us know what issues where you want further clarification.

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