Communicating Your Cloud Deployment with Reports

March 22 2015 | by Yoav Mor

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Keeping an efficient cloud deployment requires carefully monitoring and governing costs and usage. Cloud monitoring, optimization and analytics reveal a great deal of operational and financial intelligence about your cloud, intelligence which must be communicated inside the organization. IT and financial managers require data-driven reports and actionable recommendations on the performance and cost of the cloud, whether for receiving governing alerts (budget breaches, untagged deployments etc.), optimizing deployment based on usage analytics, financial management of cloud spending and budgeting, or measuring business performance metrics on cloud-reliant business processes.

In our upcoming webinar, co-hosted with Dr. James Mitchell, CEO and founder of “Strategic Blue” – a UK-based Cloud Services Broker, we will touch the most used and most important cloud reports, explaining why they’re significant, to whom they’re significant and the business values encompassed in each report. We will go over different reports, among them:

  • Performance reports
  • Cost reports
  • Optimization reports
  • Scheduled reports
  • Thresholded reports

Main takeaways from the webinar will cover:

1. Understanding complex cost and performance reports and their business value
2. Make your life easier by understanding the significance of different reports to different roles and stakeholders in your organization.
3. Leveraging report synergy: combining reports for added intelligence

The webinar will take place Thursday, March 26th, 9am PDT / Noon EDT / 4pm GMT.


See you there!

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