Hot Cloud Tips Not To Be Missed from AWS re:Invent

November 17 2013 | by Zev Schonberg AWS, aws cloud optimization, aws cost optimization

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Zev SchonbergWe had an amazing time meeting so many in the cloud community last week at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas. Unsurprisingly, by day three, we were pretty fine-tuned with the burning issues that people wanted to hear about. In case you missed us, here’s a recap:


1. Cloud ROI is becoming an enterprise ‘hot button’

The early adopters understand the value of cloud. Now everyone wants to know how long it takes to see improvement in cloud ROI. Of course, this really depends on how big of a deployment you’re running on AWS. Our free trial starts producing results quickly, but your actions to the insights and recommendations will determine how quickly you will see results in cost savings and efficiency.

2. Cloud optimization is an ongoing process

This is a 2-parter. First, don’t be fooled into thinking your environment is static and always optimal. You need to constantly monitor usage and adapt purchases accordingly.

Second, optimization steps will vary over time. For example, you will probably start off with instance sizing optimization – look at what you have purchased versus what you need. Chances are you will need to upgrade or downgrade. Next, you will explore instance pricing; AWS provides you with 3 types (Spot, On demand and Reserved). They are each good for different purposes with costs varying significantly. The final phase is maintenance. Start to eliminate unused resources when they are no longer required as opposed to abandoning them and keeping up payments.

3. Starting out lean is key for healthy cloud deployments

The Idea is to go lean. Unlike server purchases, there is no need to be ready for peak or buy the most expensive white box to cover multiple scenarios. In the cloud you allocate just what you need. Buy more as your needs grow. Then sell excess capacity when you’re done.

4. Managing multiple customer deployments is critical to success in the cloud

Supporting multiple deployments is important both to managed service providers (MSPs) and enterprises who need to report to internal customers. Cloudyn has released a new dashboard intended for power cloud users to do just that — visualize cost, usage and savings opportunities for a single customer or segment. This enables you to allocate cost and calculate profit margins across the entire customer base. Learn more about our dedicated MSP solution on our partners page.

cloudyn-ipad-winner5. A pair of wings is always welcome on the cloud

After Laurie convinced our founding team to try them on, she pretty much showed up wearing them and figured to just keep them on for the whole show. Watch out for our new Cloudyn Angels campaign… coming soon.

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