Five Things you Need to Know about Containers

May 22 2017 | by Ruth Stern cloud management, Cloudyn, containers, Docker

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Are you confused about containers? Here are five things that will help you make sense of this technology that is taking the IT industry by storm.

1. Containers offer an efficient alternative to VMs: they take up less room on the server and their structure is more isolated than VMs so it is easier to detect problems. They are perfectly adapted to scalable, portable and stateless workloads.

2. Docker is the most popular container technology, and is the open-source technology that has become synonymous with containers.

3. Your cluster configuration is the foundation of your distributed application architecture. It is also the key to your container cost optimization strategy and will determine how well you align utilization to the resources you make available.

4. There are cost challenges associated with containers; they can be subject to cloud sprawl (uncontrolled ordering of instances) which can end up unused or underutilized.

5. Cloud containers are a more agile and cost-effective alternative to VMs for hosting modern distributed enterprise applications, as they provide isolated, resource-efficient environments for each of your micro-services.


So that’s containers in a nutshell. If you would like to learn more, download our eBook: The What, the Why and the When to use Containers.


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