Forrester Previews Our New CloudynDex Metrics Information – Cloud Consumption & Costs

May 25 2012 | by Zev Schonberg

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Cloudyn has continually monitored our customers use of the cloud – and today with 400,000 plus virtual servers – we’ve found that there is some really interesting data that we can learn from how our users work in the cloud. We have written about some of these findings in recent weeks.

In addition to this first round of data, last week we rolled out some additional data to Forrester Research as part of an ongoing “CloudynDex” that we will use to help identify major changes in how people are actively using the cloud, and how that data can be used to provide further savings.

On May 24th, James Staten, Vice President/Principal Analyst, Infrastructure & Operations at Forrester posted some of the first publicly available CloudynDex data in his blog post “Cloud inefficiency – Bad habits are hard to break”.  Check out his post to get a first glance at what we’ve found.

Forrester is also working on a major survey of how people are utilizing the cloud. As with our own data, the more information they can get from end users like you, the more accurate the analysis will be. If interested, you can also participate in their upcoming industry survey at:

As Cloudyn continues to grow – we will continue to provide clarity into real cloud usage via CloudynDex metrics and we will make sure that you hear about it here.


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