FYI – Here’s Why Cloudyn Rocks AWS Cost Optimization

May 9 2013 | by Zev Schonberg AWS, Cloud Cost Management, ec2 pricing

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“So tell me” asked the AWS user from Los Angeles, “exactly what differentiates Cloudyn from other players in the space?” It was a great question and fortunately I had solid answers. Combined with his successful 20 day free trial, the guy from LA soon became a paying customer of ours.

While I won’t share all the details of that conversation, I do feel it’s important to highlight Cloudyn’s strengths in comparison to what’s available in the market. So here goes.

Hats off to AWS Trusted Advisor

While AWS does an awesome job serving up affordable and scalable cloud computing and storage (see Bernard Golden’s recent piece on how Amazon is disrupting enterprise IT), customer requests for more clarity into their cloud spend and consumption, eventually resulted in AWS’ Trusted Advisor.

This for-pay service helps AWS customers with monitoring their overall cost, security, fault tolerance and performance. Trusted Advisor identifies general strategies and high-level recommendations for reducing AWS spend, but there is limited ability to create customized cost views or sophisticated optimization options.

Broad but not deep

In the world of third party cloud analytics solutions, some vendors provide a high-level view of your monthly bills from cloud providers – such as AWS, Rackspace and Softlayer – as well as from SaaS like MailChimp, New Relic, and FreshBooks.

Other vendors spread their focus thin, with a potpourri of products and services for cost, security, IT consulting and the like.

While there’s no doubt that some cloud consumers are getting what they need, without a question these solutions fail to deliver in-depth, accurate and actionable cost-cutting recommendations for Amazon Web Services.

Fanatically focused on optimizing your AWS cost

Back in March the Cloudyn team was pleasantly surprised to read an unsolicited, comparative analysis by Dan Belcher, co-founder at Stackdriver.

He wrote, “Addressing a single aspect (cost) of a single cloud vendor (AWS), Cloudyn is certainly the most focused of the group, and it shows; many aspects of the service are more mature and advanced than the alternatives. This is an ideal option for large AWS customers who are looking for more advanced cost reporting/optimization capabilities…

Our “mature and advanced” tools include the ability to filter views of spend and usage by numerous criteria, customize recommendations for EC2 sizing, deliver comprehensive ROI analysis of On-Demand vs. Reserved Instances deployments, highlight storage sprawl, provide storage type alternatives and more.

Incidentally, the Cloudyn customer from LA told me he found us via that article – so thank you Dan!

From cloud cost to business impact intelligence

While ensuring that your cloud investment is as cost-effective as possible, we are already moving to deepen our value offering with a whole slew of business intelligence functionality.

We will soon be rolling out disruptive capabilities, allowing you to easily attribute cloud usage and cost to different business activities so you can measure your cloud according to your unique business terms.

We will also be linking other business metrics to your cloud deployment, allowing you to see the financial impact of any number of trends and activities on your cloud spend.

Discover the Cloudyn difference and take control of your AWS web service deployment – Sign-Up for FREE Now!

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