Google Cloud Platform introduces innovative pricing and powerful features

March 26 2014 | by Eran Abramson google compute engine

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Google is making a big push for a top spot within the Cloud computing services arena with exciting announcements including simplified pricing, sustained-use discounts, developer tools, managed virtual machines, expanded OS support, and Real Time big data.


Simplified pricing:
While hardware costs have seen a steady annual decrease of 20-30% yearly, cloud computing has only been discounted 8% yearly.

Google has taken this opportunity to make huge price cuts with 32% reductions for all GCE offerings and up to 82% off for Google Storage and BigQuery. But more importantly, Google has introduced a completely new pricing model for long-term usage of GCE – what they have coined “sustained-use discounts”.


Sustained-use discounts
These discounts provide tiered discount levels per customer’s ongoing use. As customers are using on-demand longer, 20% discounts are given at every 25% “use interval” (see table and example below) for as much as 60% off of base rate.

This is an alternative to AWS Reserved instances, for no upfront fee or commitment is required and generous discounts are given for prolonged use within the month. Check out Cloudyn’s comparative study of AWS EC2 Reserved pricing and GCE’s new sustained-usage model.

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Enhanced developer’s productivity in the cloud
Google is looking to make developer’s lives a lot more productive when it comes to working in the cloud, providing features that make it easier to develop, test and add releases in the cloud.

As they mention, a developer needs only make a change commitment with git, and they will go ahead to “run a clean build and all unit tests”.

Development logs will now be aggregated across all the various instances, along with enhanced filtering and, as provided with other Google applications, search tools for easy discovery per ongoing needs.

To attend bugs much quicker and easier, a detailed stack is available, as well as a simple one-click access to the code causing the issue. Furthermore, developers can make the changes right within the browser, saving time and effort.


Additional items announced
Google also announced that you can turn your VMs into a part of your App Engine for automatic management within the Engine, as well as support for additional platforms for GCE, such as Windows Server 2008 R2 (limited preview), Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

They also announced a no-setup, no-configuration, and fully managed service to run interactive SQL queries datasets in seconds using BigQuery streaming with affordable on demand pricing for Real-Time Big Data.

While Google Cloud Platform’s new pricing model is great for cloud consumers, the ability to determine the optimal cloud package for you and ensuring that your deployment stays optimized over the long run is now more important than ever.

Learn more about how Cloudyn’s multi-cloud tools for AWS and Google can help you make the most of your Cloud investments.

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