How-to Allocate, Price and Utilize Your OpenStack Private Cloud Resources

May 6 2015 | by Jonathan Nimrodi openstack

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In order to enhance efficiency, organizations often turn to OpenStack, a cloud operations system that enables control over large pools of computing, storage space and networking resources, all done through a web interface. However, without an adequate amount of attention, an OpenStack deployment can be inefficient and lead to a major decrease in ROI.

To avoid unwanted scenarios, it’s important to be aware of your private cloud management capabilities and available resources so that you can allocate them properly. A good way to do that is by monitoring cloud deployment with a system that contains a specific set of tools that analyze usage and trends, enabling you to properly price your resources and appropriately plan capacity.

This post, originally published on, examines ways to avoid imbalanced Virtual Machines (VM) via proper allocation, and introduces a mixture of factors to effectively calculate private cloud costs:
1. Resource unit costs
2. Private cloud chargeback costs
3. Capacity planning

In addition, this post introduces ways to not only strategize costs from the get go, but suggests ways to maintain transparency and proactive optimization, which will yield an efficient environment, prevent new redundant IT capacity purchasing, and help you potentially get the most out of your OpenStack cloud ROI.

Check out the full post here.

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