Instance Cost Allocation for Multi-Cloud Deployment

January 13 2015 | by Zev Schonberg

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Cloud cost allocation is a challenging yet highly important area for financial and accounting teams, especially when trying to figure out the costs for each business unit or project in the cloud; associating proper resources and their respective costs with any given group or department is valuable, yet really difficult.

Amazon, Google and OpenStack grant the capability to tag and define resources with tags or metadata which begins the process but to generate actual insight is still a rather unachievable task.

With Cloudyn however, multi-cloud cost allocation is quick, simple and efficient.

First of all, as seen in the image, you can see an example of a multi-cloud environment and any specific period may be selected (in this case the last 7 days). Deployment is broken down on a high-level of the different cloud vendors in use: AWS, Google Cloud Platform and OpenStack.

Instance Cost Allocation for Multi-cloud Deployment

You may further break it down by different business units based on existing tags in the screenshot shown here we selected the “Stack” tag.

Instance Cost Allocation for Multi-cloud Deployment1

This grants a breakdown of the same cloud vendors, but now detailed further to show the respective AWS pricing for production and development, production and development in OpenStack, as well as test and integration in GCE.

cost for production and development in AWS

Another option is to filter based on the tag, as well as particular value. So with this case you may select “Stack” and then choose “Production” which will filter to display only production tags from the various vendors (image above). For each of the pie sections, it is very simply to delve even further with a simple right click and then select what you want to see in each of these, such as accounts, regions, availability zones and more.

cloud cost by service and stack

When selecting instance types, you will now see specifically AWS EC2 production breakdown based on Instance Types only.

Cloud cost by instance type

With Cloudyn’s cost allocation, it is easy to break down costs within any environment and across different cloud vendors, delivering valuable insight for finance and accounting.

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