Introducing Cloudyn for Azure CSP

July 3 2017 | by Meira Primes

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The demand for cloud services continues to rise dramatically, with cloud spending expected to reach 390 billion dollars by 2020 (Forbes). With this increased demand and usage, the traditional ways to buy cloud resources are changing, specifically as regards Microsoft Azure, as they position their Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) partners program for their small and medium sized enterprise customers.

Customers who buy Azure Cloud through a Microsoft Azure CSP Partners program benefit from being billed monthly, with no upfront costs and the freedom to stop their subscription at any time. The CSP partners program is essentially a monthly subscription that bundles together all of the Microsoft services that the customer is using, such as Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite and Azure Cloud services and Dynamics CRM Online, together with 24/7 support.

In March 2017, Cloudyn announced their support for Microsoft CSPs, and their first beta users. Cloudyn for Azure CSP partners program is a multi-tenant cloud business management solution, similar to that which was created for enterprises, that enables CSPs to seamlessly manage and monitor their customer’s Microsoft Azure deployments for optimal efficiency and growth. CSPs may have many customers, and subsequently need the capability to manage all of their customers’ subscriptions and accounts, support their billing portal functionality, and present details of any custom charges, custom markups and discounts which they can do efficiently and effectively with Cloudyn for Microsoft CSP.
Click here for a free trial of Cloudyn for Azure CSP.

Cloudyn for Azure CSP also provides an added value for Azure CSP end-customers. With Cloudyn, end-customers are able to gain granular real-time visibility into their cloud consumption, cost and usage and enables accurate cost allocation and chargeback across their companies. This increased visibility will enable them to optimize and streamline their cloud consumption for efficient and continued cloud growth.

To discover more about Cloudyn for Azure CSP including a product demo, visit us at Microsoft Inspire 2017, (formerly WPC) Booth #537, July 9-13, Washington DC.

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