The Insider's Guide to Cloud Cost Allocation

July 22 2014 | by Eran Abramson Cloud Cost Management, Cloud Optimization

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Enterprises with large cloud deployments often tag resources being used by different business units, applications, environments or other groups. Getting clarity into the actual cost of those resources being used by all those groups – also known as cost allocation – has never been an easy task, until Cloudyn introduced its clear solution.

With our Cost Allocation tool, organizations may easily and clearly manage showback and chargeback activities across multiple cloud deployment, such as AWS, Google and Openstack, based on the tags or metadata applied to your cloud resources.

In the cost allocation intro video below, the example displays total costs for Amazon’s EC2. Of course, date may be changed per viewing need to assess exact cost for any specific time period.

Furthermore, a user may filter based on any tags personally created, and see the spend breakdown for that tag or definition. The example shows “stack” and breaks it down to the different environments in place, presenting its usage and cost.

cost allocation cloud cloudyn

It doesn’t stop there!

cost allocation cloud intro tutorial 2

An even further drill down is available for each environment, as to break it down by tags, services, accounts, availability zones, instance types and more. For example, if we select “instance types”, we are able to see exact instances used by any specific environment, such as development, production, testing, etc.

cost allocation cloud intro tutorial 4

All such information and capabilities provide a world of insight to finance and accounting, thus being able to properly chargeback/showback, as well as realizing real cloud ROI for each department or environment.

To learn more about Cloudyn’s tools of cost allocation and chargeback, contact us today.

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