How Mergers & Acquisitions can Upset your Cloud Environment

June 13 2017 | by Ruth Stern aws cloud, Cloudyn, cybersecurity, multi-cloud business management solution, Proofpoint

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Migrating to the public cloud is a growing trend among enterprises who seek a secure, low maintenance solution for managing their cloud storage and infrastructure. The key to cloud success is having a clear cloud migration strategy, cloud management tools and metrics to ensure that you are buying the right amount and right types of cloud resources at the right price.

That being said, enterprises can be dynamic, with mergers and acquisitions upsetting the balance of the company’s enterprise IT systems (including ERP, Billing and CRM etc.), which following a merger/acquisition, will need to be managed in a centralized way. A similar issue will be apparent with the company’s cloud strategy which may become unbalanced with the addition of multiple clouds from multiple vendors and potential cloud inefficiencies and confusion.

An example of a company that experienced this is Proofpoint, a next-generation cybersecurity company whose focus is stopping malware threats in email, social and mobile applications. Proofpoint has many prominent customers including more than half of the Fortune 100 companies, and leading banks, global retailers, pharmaceutical companies and research universities.

While helping their customers to confront cyber threats, Proofpoint faced its own challenges in managing its cloud. Despite choosing a single-vendor cloud strategy using AWS, a series of company acquisitions, each with their own cloud infrastructures, had left Proofpoint with a large, unmanaged cloud environment and cloud spend that was expanding four-fold every year. Cloud resources were not being used efficiently, and all in all, there was a lack of visibility and accountability from within the company.

It was clear that a cloud cost optimization solution was needed to help the company to gain visibility into its clouds, manage and monitor resources, successfully perform cloud analytics and create enterprise-wide accountability to take control of the situation.

Proofpoint selected Cloudyn’s multi-cloud business management solution to help them to take control of their cloud and consolidate their multiple cloud instances into an easily managed environment.

Cloudyn provides visibility into an enterprise’s cloud deployments, detecting anomalies and inefficiencies, and makes actionable recommendations for operational and financial optimization. This includes reallocating or resizing underutilized resources and pricing model suggestions.

Cloudyn also enables governance across the enterprise , helping to implement enterprise-wide accountability through reliable cost allocation and chargeback, and tagging all cloud resources so that they can be easily tracked per department or business unit.

Using Cloudyn, Proofpoint achieved a six figure savings off their cloud bill consolidated all of their clouds into a more-easily managed environment and began to gain unprecedented visibility into their cloud usage.

For more information about how Cloudyn can help you optimize your cloud activity and spend, visit our website. To sign up for a free trial, click here.

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