More Cloud Value with Cloudyn & Scalr Combo

December 17 2012 | by Zev Schonberg AWS, Cloud Optimization, Scalr

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It’s official. Cloudyn and Scalr have integrated and joint customers are now able to monitor their cloud cost and consumption from within their Scalr console. The new functionality has already received some rave reviews. Drum-roll please.
“As a customer of both Cloudyn and Scalr, I love how their integration provides easy access to all my cloud cost and performance data from within my deployment console,” said Jeremy Koerber, Director of Technical Operations at BranchOut. “I see this as a great start towards the full automation of optimal reservation fulfillment and deployment rightsizing, helping BranchOut reduce tedious and time-consuming manual cloud management.”
Let’s take a quick look at what the excitement is all about.

Find Your Dream Cloud and Make it Real

After allowing Cloudyn to access their read-only AWS credentials, Scalr customers can easily keep track of their Amazon cloud costs and usage and make sure their AWS deployment is as optimal as possible.
Upon login (single sign-on) customers can view within their Scalr console a snapshot of their cloud environment with visibility into areas such as:

  • Usage or cost fluctuations
  • Reports on underutilized instances, unused EBS volumes, or instances that can be safely downsized
  • Recommendations for which Reserved Instances to buy or sell

Customers can further drill down into each report and can fully access the Cloudyn system for in-depth analysis, usage and cost trending reports and full explanations for all optimization recommendations. With all this information available to them, Scalr users are well equipped to confidently optimize their cloud for maximum efficiency and ROI.

Future integration plans will enable Scalr customer to automate the implementation of Cloudyn recommendations for Reserved Instance purchasing, right-sizing and other cloud optimizations, saving IT and Devop teams loads of time and effort typically associated with manual deployment and fulfillment.

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