Multi-Cloud Comparison and Porting Introduction

January 18 2015 | by Zev Schonberg

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With different cloud monitoring vendors available, it is advantageous to compare costs and performance across multiple clouds and see if costs may be reduced by moving workloads from one vendor to another.

Cloudyn makes this multi-cloud comparison a very simple task.

In the image below, we are looking at deployment comparing Amazon Web Services to Google Cloud, presenting side-by-side comparison of EC2 aggregate cost in the beginning of this month and the comparable instance types in Google cloud.

Multi-Cloud Comparison And Porting Introduction

For example, when simply rolling over the first bar, we see a cost of approximately $223 for the C3.xlarge at AWS and receive the most comparable instance at Google right beside it, in this case the N1-standard-4. It is easy to see moving this particular instance from AWS to GCE is not favorable, as the cost is significantly higher: $296.

You may define which criteria to compare by and in the previous example it was based on ECU/CPU.

If memory/ram is a more important criteria for the instances being compared, you can select RAM, and receive a different comparison. The same AWS c3.xlarge is now comparable to n1-standard-2, and this time around, GCE is less expensive.

Multi-Cloud Comparison and Porting Introduction1

In short, Cloudyn grants the ability to compare the instances in any cloud deployment to their comparable in other cloud vendors and control how the comparison is done: based on CPU/ECU, or by Memory/RAM, and other criteria helping to fine-tune the comparison.

This will assist in determining whether to keep or port your workload.

See how your cloud deployment compares and whether porting may potentially reduce your cloud costs. Try our free trial today.

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