What Next at AWS re:Invent? A 5-Year Timeline of Keynotes and Product Launches

November 23 2016 | by cdynadmin

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AWS re:Invent 2016, the cloud vendor’s annual customer and partner conference, is just around the corner. Now in its fifth year, it will take place in Las Vegas from 28 November to 2 December 2016 and is expected to play host to more than 27,000 cloud professionals.

The world’s largest gathering of the global AWS community has traditionally served as one of Amazon’s most important platforms for announcing new products and services. And this year should prove no exception.

In this post, we run through some of the major service announcements and keynote messages the company has made at previous re:Invent conferences, and finish off by looking at what we might expect from the market leader at this year’s upcoming event.

A History of Innovation
2012–2014: Building the Product
In 2012, AWS CEO Andy Jassy denounced private cloud and blamed the traditional vendors for redefining the term “cloud”.

“Every business we run [fits that model] and most of the old guard don’t like those types of business, which is why they’re pushing private cloud because it doesn’t disrupt their businesses,” said Jassy at his 2012 re:Invent keynote.

However, the highlight of the first ever re:Invent was the announcement of Amazon Redshift, a new, fully managed, cloud-based data warehouse service. Designed as a scalable, more economical and easy-to-use alternative to traditional on-premise data warehousing, the company launched Redshift to meet the continuing demand for storing and querying large volumes of clean, structured data.

Amazon also announced two new supersized instances with big data applications in mind. The cr1.8xlarge instance was optimized for memory-intensive applications, such as performance-sensitive databases, while the hs1.8xlarge was built for high storage and throughput performance. Both cr1 and hs1 machines have since been superseded by instances in the R3 and D2 families respectively.

In his keynote, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels revealed that during that year, the company released 243 updates and features, which he described as a “record pace of innovation even for our own standard”.

Also at the event, AWS announced WorkSpaces—a cloud-based desktop offering. The service set out to compete with traditional on-premise virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and also to support mobile and remote working practices.

Amazon also addressed the increasing demand for high-performance computing with the launch of a new generation of compute-optimized C3 instances. The C3 family is geared towards compute-intensive applications, such as high-traffic websites and rapid mathematical calculations, as well as distributed analytics and online gaming.

Every year AWS doubled the number of services on offer. This amazing growth was underlined at the 2014 re:Invent when Andy Jassy proclaimed that “Cloud is the new normal”.

The 2014 conference also saw a strong emphasis towards distributed systems and microservices, with the launch of the highly anticipated Amazon EC2 Container Service and event-driven, serverless compute service AWS Lambda.

What’s more, the event marked the arrival of Amazon Aurora. The new database as a service (DBaaS) aimed to lure customers away from the likes of Oracle and Microsoft with the promise of lower costs, higher performance and improved scaling capabilities. Other key announcements included the pending launch of the C4 family of EBS-backed instances and also improved EBS performance across the board.

Enterprise Focus
In 2015 AWS switched gears and addressed the enterprise and public sector market. GovCloud was their primary target. Jassy’s keynote included customer presentations by Capital One and GE about data center consolidation and moving significant parts of their infrastructure to AWS. In addition, by contrast with previous “only public” pitching, AWS also acknowledged the clear need for hybrid clouds amongst enterprises.

This year also marked the introduction of two new EC2 instances at opposite ends of the price spectrum. The new burstable t2.nano is an economical option for dev/test environments, microservices and low traffic websites. The new supersized, memory-optimized X1 instance is geared towards SAP HANA and rehosting large-scale legacy applications.

Amazon also reaffirmed its ambitions to attract more enterprise customers with the launch of a new Database Migration Service, which minimizes disruption to applications that rely on a database during its migration. It also released a free Schema Conversion Tool to help customers preserve the relationships between their data. And the vendor announced a new 50TB physical data transfer appliance, known as Snowball, which enterprises can use to move data in and out of the platform.

What Next for 2016?

Following a new partnership with VMware we can expect more emphasis on hybrid cloud and enterprise migration. In addition, we expect to see more announcements of tools and products that can support Amazon’s main strategic partners, such as telecommunications and network providers Ericsson and Telstra.

As well as beefing up its enterprise offering we can expect more moves in pursuit of the public sector. This would come hot on the heels of Amazon’s recent announcement that its GovCloud offering had earned a major seal of approval from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

Cloudyn at re:Invent 2016
AWS re:Invent offers so much more than product announcements and networking opportunities. It’s also a great place to discover new technologies, ways to improve your productivity and solutions to your own cloud problems.

We’ll be holding live sessions and demonstrations, where you can learn how to maximize your cloud potential through enhanced visibility into your cloud deployments, integrated showback and chargeback capabilities and optimal compute capacity planning.

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See You There!

Don’t forget to look out for us at the event. We’ll be exhibiting at Booth #2225 in the AWS re:Invent Central Expo Hall D.

Click here to schedule a one-on-one meeting with one of our cloud management experts.

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