On July 20, 2017, Microsoft completed its acquisition of Cloudyn.

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Public vs Private Cloud: Why Some Enterprises Make the Switch to In-House Data Centers

August 10 2016 | by Jonathan Maresky

Do hybrid cloud arrangements offer enterprises the best of both worlds?

5 Key Steps to Becoming a Highly Valued Cloud Computing Expert

August 1 2016 | by Jonathan Maresky

The steps you need to take in order to develop your cloud knowledge and transform yourself into a highly valued cloud computing expert.

How to Measure and Support Your CIO’s Hybrid Cloud Agenda: 5 Key Performance Criteria

July 25 2016 | by Yoav Mor

The ultimate objective of your hybrid cloud agenda is to improve the bottom line.

Amazon Launches AWS India Region: What It Means for Enterprise Cloud Costs

July 18 2016 | by Yoav Mor

AWS officially launched its first infrastructure region in India, as part of a $5 billion investment in the country.

4 Often Overlooked Ways to Reduce AWS Costs Today

July 11 2016 | by Yoav Mor

The array of services and pricing available in the cloud provide enterprises with unprecedented scope for cost savings.

How to Avoid Vendor Lock-in with a Multi-Cloud Strategy

July 4 2016 | by Yoav Mor

Concerns about vendor lock-in hold many companies back from making the move to on-demand IT services.

Enterprise Cloud Migration: 5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Cloud MSP

June 28 2016 | by Yoav Mor

The cloud promises huge potential for modernizing IT practices, making operational efficiencies and driving innovation within an organization.

What to Look for When Recruiting a Cloud IT Financial Manager

June 20 2016 | by Yoav Mor

The IT landscape is changing yet again, as it moves towards a cloud-based, self-service delivery model.

Live Webinar: The Cloud Diversification Conundrum

June 14 2016 | by Jonathan Nimrodi

With more enterprises moving away from traditional data centers and towards the cloud for some if not all their applications, IaaS vendors such as Amazon and Microsoft are offering a multitude of packages to meet growing needs. By taking advantage […]

Rehost vs Rearchitect: Which Is The Right Financial Approach for Cloud Migration?

June 14 2016 | by Yoav Mor

IT is the lifeblood of your enterprise. But, to maintain your business momentum and stay ahead of the competition, it’s essential you modernize, become more agile and break away from older technologies that hold you back. The cloud offers you […]

Cloud Taxes and Accounting: A Beginner’s Guide for the CIO

May 30 2016 | by Yoav Mor

Over the last 20 years the Internet has revolutionized the way we do business. Federal tax and accounting laws, however, have struggled to keep up with the changes in the way we buy and sell products and services online. One […]

The 2016 Conference Season: 7 Cloud Events You Should Know About

May 22 2016 | by Yoav Mor

As the cloud events season steps into full swing you’re probably wondering what cloud computing conferences you should be making the effort to attend this year. With an almost endless choice of cloud computing focused events it’s not an easy […]

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