On July 20, 2017, Microsoft completed its acquisition of Cloudyn.

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Cloud vs In-house: How to Explain Cloud ROI to Decision Makers

May 15 2016 | by Yoav Mor

Public cloud computing offers you many advantages over traditional on-premises infrastructure. Not only does it provide a modern, secure and flexible IT platform that can give you a competitive edge over your competitors. It can also help your cash flow […]

Chicago Summit 2016: AWS Announces Raft of New Features and Confirms CEO

May 8 2016 | by Yoav Mor

Over the last 10 years the pace of innovation at AWS has been nothing short of extraordinary. And that trend looks set to continue after the $10 billion global cloud business announced an exciting range of new services and features […]

Ready for the Cloud? Here’s What You Should Move (and When)

May 2 2016 | by Yoav Mor

Public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) vendors, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, offer many benefits over traditional data centers. But where do you start? Which applications do you move first? These are business decisions that need very careful consideration. Because, when you […]

Cloud Capacity Is Running Out: Can AWS Prevent a Cloud Armageddon?

April 19 2016 | by Yoav Mor

Data is fast becoming a hot commodity—individuals, organizations and their devices require ever more computing capacity to process and store it, and much of the soaring demand is being met by cloud services. According to Mark Whitby, Senior Vice President […]

Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) Economics, Part 2 – The Public Cloud

April 5 2016 | by Yoav Mor

In part one of this post, we defined SDDCs and discussed how they differ from rigid traditional enterprise data centers as well as their ability to enable a private cloud environment. Today, we will discuss the economic side of SDDCs […]

IT Evangelism: Transform Your IT Organization from a Cost Center to a Profit Center

March 28 2016 | by Yoav Mor

It is well known that IT is valuable to companies. However, while they enable companies to function successfully and profit financially, they are generally not considered to be central players indirectly reaching business goals. But what’s caused IT technologies to […]

The Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) Private Cloud Economy

March 21 2016 | by Yoav Mor

Generally speaking, data centers are custom built, manually managed and lack uniformity in terms of physical resources, making it difficult to forecast and plan for future requirements. Consequently, these factors contribute to over-purchasing resources simply to be on “the safe […]

Measure Your Core-Hours Costs to Gain Another Level of Cloud Cost Optimization

March 8 2016 | by Yoav Mor

Compute power costs in the cloud have lacked a holistic metric to allow for more accurate cost prediction and analysis. In the previous article in this series, we introduced the core-hours metric, which can be used to gain a high […]

Measuring Compute Consumption in the Cloud with Instance Core-Hours

March 1 2016 | by Yoav Mor

Until recently, cloud usage reports have predominantly only provided visibility into inventory metrics such as the number of instances that run over time. However, these metrics misrepresent actual compute power consumption since different sized machines with various levels of compute […]

AWS vs. Azure Price War, and Nutrition Facts for the Cloud

February 18 2016 | by Yoav Mor

Last month, Azure announced that it “helps customers achieve more with the best prices”, taking down the cost of the latest version of Azure D-series VMs by 10%-17%. That happened about a week after AWS announced a 5% reduction in […]

The New Role of ITFM (IT Financial Managers) in Cloud Environments

February 7 2016 | by Yoav Mor

Enterprise data centers have been, and still are, large strategic areas within organizations and require a hefty amount of funds to operate. That being said, capacity and budget planning, along with managing IT physical and human resources for organizational projects, […]

Why You Should Love Public Cloud Based Shadow IT

January 25 2016 | by Yoav Mor shadow IT

What would you do if your CEO dropped a last minute due date on you for a project that the R&D team thought wouldn’t start for another six months? Turning to the cloud for quick resource provisioning may solve their […]

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