Sales Development and the Maturing Cloud Market

February 9 2017 | by David Garcia

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Cloud computing is on the rise and has seen a significant surge over the past year. We have seen a huge increase in the number of our inbound leads; prospective customers who have visited our website or downloaded our content because they are actively seeking a cloud business management solution.

We have also experienced a noticeable change in our outbound marketing efforts. Calls to enterprises that fit our ideal customer profile (ICP) are no longer sessions where we educate the market on problems that they are likely to endure with their cloud deployments. In the last 3-5 months, our calls have been met with an enthusiastic response from potential customers who are actively seeking a cloud management solution to help them to control the shadow IT, chargeback and lack of visibility they are seeing within their organizations, a clear sign of the maturing state of the market and the high demand for a suitable solution.

Our sales development team consists of a group of highly motivated, target-oriented professionals with a background in technology and sales. They undergo intense training over a period of three months to give them a deep understanding of the benefits of Cloudyn, and the complex and delicate process of nurturing potential leads and converting them into qualified sales opportunities.

Cloudyn places great importance on its customer relationships and currently has an international sales development team of ten, divided between the North American team (based in the Greater Boston area) and the Israeli team, and we are actively looking to expand.

Our planned expansion is a direct result of the recent increase in demand for cloud management solutions.

“As the Enterprise cloud environment evolves into a complex multi-cloud topology, customers need the clarity, consolidation, optimization and granular cost allocation provided by Cloudyn. Serious cloud environments demand a serious cloud management solution, hence Cloudyn.”
Rich Shea, Chief Revenue Officer

In addition to the increase in demand for a solution such as ours, the sales development team have also seen a significant shift towards multi-cloud deployments among large enterprises, as opposed to the primarily single-cloud deployments that were common in the past. This trend is encouraging as it both highlights the maturing state of the market and aligns with our competitive advantage of helping enterprises to manage and optimize their multi-platform, hybrid cloud environments, and offering unparalleled insights into their cloud usage, performance and costs. Thousands of global customers rely on Cloudyn’s solution including Fortune 500 leaders across all major verticals.

Looking to 2017, we have seen great momentum so far, with several potential customers with annual cloud spends of over $10 million, and a marked increase in the demand for the big players, AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

If you would like to find out more about Cloudyn’s cloud management solution, sign up for a free trial or visit our website at
If you are interested in pursuing a career in sales development at Cloudyn, please contact me, David Garcia or email us at

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