Stay On Top of Expiring EC2 Reservations

April 21 2013 | by Zev Schonberg Alerts, AWS, EC2, reserved instances

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Imagine your AWS EC2 RI reservations are about to expire. Wouldn’t it be great to be reminded so you can keep your Amazon EC2 pricing down while running a smooth and cost effective Cloud deployment ?

We thought so too and armed with some insightful customer feedback, we recently introduced our newest alert. This particular alert notifies you about pending expirations and any relevant actions – such as purchasing new reservations – that you should take.
1 RI-Expiration-Alert

How it all works

The alerts are generated for each instance type that you have reservations for. If you enable this alert, you’ll receive separate notifications for each instance type that has reservations expiring in the defined time frame.
2 Reservations-about-to-Expire-Alert-Setup

A little reverse-engineering fun

Depending on your EC2 price and usage trends, current ROI break-even points and more, the alerts also provide recommendations whether or not to buy replacement reservations and in what quantity.

You can see what our recommendations are based upon as follows:

Our EC2 Instance Over Time report helps you visualize how many instances you are using and for how long. In this case, 39 c1.mediums were being used quite regularly, making them good candidates for long-term reservations.3 c1.medium-instances-over-time

Our EC2 RI Comparison Charts highlight the break-even point of On-Demand vs. Reserved Instances for any instance type, AZ, etc. For this c1.medium, if one plans on a 3 month project, or using it for 33% of the time (over 12 months), it’s clearly more economical to go with a Light reservations than On-Demand. If one plans on using more than 7 months, then a Heavy reservation would be the best bet.
4 EC2-Break-Even-Point

Finally, our EC2 Active Reservation report provides all the details of your active reservations, including of course, the end date for each. (In this case, the customer who received the alert above, actually went ahead and purchased new reservations after receiving our alert. The old reservations already expired and therefore are not shown anymore.)
5 Active-EC2-Reservations
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