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How to Make the Most of Your Unused EC2 Reservations

AWS customers looking to reduce the cost of EC2 consumption know that reserved instances are generally much more cost-effective than on-demand. The payback can be huge with most Amazon cloud customers saving between 30%-46% on their AWS bill. [Read more about calculating the optimal EC2 deployment] Not only that, but in many cases, the break-even… Continue reading >

Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Meetup Recap

Yesterday evening, Quixey in Mountain View played host to the Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Meetup group. The topic, “Dynamic AWS cloud deployment, monitoring and optimization” is clearly one of great interest as over 350 people registered for the event. Sponsored by Cloudyn and Scalr, those attending the event enjoyed some great lightening speeches, pizza and… Continue reading >

Amazon S3 Growing Wild in Australia

If you read our business intelligence on Amazon EC2 in last week’s blog post, some of you should have been able to boost your AWS computing performance by 30% while keeping your costs the same. Not too shabby for reading a blog post. In this post, our latest data complete with lovely infographics (based on… Continue reading >

Cost of EC2 – Tips and Tidbits

One of the side-effects of monitoring the cost of EC2 with over 3 million AWS instances and 2.6 petabytes of Amazon S3 storage is that we are sitting on some really big data with some interesting industry trends and insight. Here are a few nuggets we recently uncovered while looking at cost of EC2 ,… Continue reading >

Amazon S3 – To Store or Not to Store

A recent Symantec report highlighted how enterprises and SMBs are barely leveraging the efficiencies of cloud storage with only a 17% utilization rate of available cloud storage. Symantec claims that this results in companies “paying for roughly 6 times as much storage as they actually need”. While we believe that this picture will change soon,… Continue reading >