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Learn about the costs of running a relational database options with AWS RDS

How Much Does It Cost to Run Relational Database (RDS) Options on AWS

Most modern applications nowadays are tiered into multiple compute instance groups to increase resilience and elasticity. The most common tiered approach is a 3-tier generalized approach made up of web servers on the first tier, an application server on the second tier, which contains the application’s business logic, and application databases on the third tier…. Continue reading >

learn to compare vmware and aws cloud costs

Use Case: Comparing VMware and AWS Cloud Deployment Costs

When looking to move your application to the public cloud, it is important to plan for an optimized and cloud cost efficient configuration. Maybe you already have an application running in the public cloud, but are considering a hybrid cloud configuration that includes migrating certain components to an on-premises environment in order to reduce expenditure… Continue reading >

Learn about AWS storage cost solutions that could save your business money

Not Only S3: 6 AWS Cloud Storage Cost Use Cases: Part 2

In part 1 of this series, we looked at the pricing models for three AWS storage options: EBS, EFS and Glacier. In this post, we will explore three more storage options to give you a broader view of your storage possibilities, allowing you to optimize your AWS storage cost while still meeting your company’s needs…. Continue reading >

Read about 6 AWS Storage Cost Use Cases

Not Only S3: 6 AWS Cloud Storage Cost Use Cases: Part 1

Whenever cloud computing professionals talk about Amazon Web Services (AWS) and storage, the conversation usually revolves around Amazon S3. However the AWS cloud offers a wide range of storage and cost management options, each of which has its own specific use case. In this two part series, we will talk about various storage options available… Continue reading >


Sizing Your AWS Cloud’s Capacity with BlazeMeter and Cloudyn

How do you prepare your service for the next spike in traffic? How do you correctly right-size your cloud environment for the upcoming year? Can you forecast your computing demand? Can you spot IT environment’s bottlenecks? While most people think that cloud cost optimization solely relates to increasing capacity, it also works the other way… Continue reading >


[VIDEO] AWS’ New Reserved Instances: What They Are and How You Benefit

Around 5 years ago, Amazon introduced Reserved Instances (RI). This created a way for Amazon to increase capacity while achieving longer customer commitment. It seemed like a win-win situation. Amazon provided significant usage discounts ranging between 25-35% of the cost of on-demand instance prices in exchange for varying levels of commitment with only one type… Continue reading >


Meet Cloudyn at AWS Summit in Amsterdam

This Tuesday, June 10th the Beurs van Berlage building in the center of Amsterdam will host the AWS Summit – a mega conference for Amazon Web Services users and partners. Whether you are a DevOps expert or just contemplating moving from on-premise to the cloud, the summit will provide sessions and training labs catering to… Continue reading >