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What’s All This Hype About DevOps?

OR: Why DevOps are sought after by the world’s top companies? DevOps -Who are they? It’s not just a job Looking to define DevOps as a job is a costly mistake of mega proportions. Devops is not just a position– it’s a movement and a culture that manifests itself among these highly talented, motivated and… Continue reading >


All Signs Lead To Cloud Brokerage

The cloud computing space is growing at a dizzying rate with the public vs. private cloud debate spawning a whole new cloud option – the hybrid cloud. Proponents of hybrid claim it’s the best of both worlds and its popularity is growing with 22% of users going hybrid (IDC), with an expected 50% adoption rate of… Continue reading >

The 3 C’s of Cloud Computing

When looking to maximize the value of your cloud there are three important factors that are often overlooked – clarity, cost, and compliance. Of course, there is much more involved in managing your cloud, but these three principles form the bedrock of cloud excellence. CLARITY in your cloud The well-known business saying “what you cannot… Continue reading >

The Cloud Unwired – An Interview Series with Cloud Industry Insiders

In our new interview series, you’ll get inside tips and best-practices for maximizing the value of your cloud. Hear it directly from leading players in the cloud industry and discover how you can make their success work for you. Stay tuned for news on upcoming events! In the meantime, check out one of our past… Continue reading >