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Join Our Webinar – How to Maximize the Value of Your Cloud

If you are looking for a simple way to gain more clarity, control and value from your cloud environment, our webinar on July 17th is for you! Join Vittaly Tavor, VP Products at Cloudyn as he shares how enterprises are maximizing the value of their cloud consumption with increased visibility and actionable insight into their… Continue reading >

Why Cloud Vendors Love Charging Less

When we first started talking to investors about how Cloudyn could help optimize cloud consumption, everyone wanted to understand why cloud providers like AWS or Rackspace would be willing to play ball with us. As accessing data from cloud providers was (and still is) an important ingredient in our solution, the VC’s critique made sense…. Continue reading >

Forrester Previews Our New CloudynDex Metrics Information – Cloud Consumption & Costs

Cloudyn has continually monitored our customers use of the cloud – and today with 400,000 plus virtual servers – we’ve found that there is some really interesting data that we can learn from how our users work in the cloud. We have written about some of these findings in recent weeks. In addition to this… Continue reading >

Cloudyn’s Customers – Demographics, trends and challenges

Over the last several weeks I’ve had an opportunity to meet face to face with dozens of customers using Cloudyn and I wanted to share some general insight from these various meetings about who is at the forefront of wanting to understand cloud cost management. What I heard correlated well with what our initial data… Continue reading >

Cloudyn Customer Insights Revealed at Under the Radar

I’m excited to share with you that tomorrow I’m presenting a company overview at Under the Radar, a leading event that presents a “handful of the industry’s most compelling emerging startups that provide cutting edge solutions.” Out of hundreds of companies considered, Cloudyn was selected as one of only 30 companies to present at this… Continue reading >

Visibility Hazard Inherent in Today’s Public Cloud Storage

Virtually anyone using the cloud has to consider the storage component of the process – to maintain record of information on networked storage at a data center or in virtual data centers managed for the public cloud. With network storage you can directly access where data is stored and how it is mapped. Public cloud… Continue reading >

Cloudyn Whitepaper: “The Great Hope of Cloud Economics and the Over-Provisioning Epidemic”

Today we published a new whitepaper that outlines how organizations can maximize their cloud investment and dynamically optimize the balance between operational and financial objectives of using the cloud. In the whitepaper, we define cloud economics and perfect-provisioning and offer cloud users a checklist for cloud cost efficiency. People move to the cloud for agility… Continue reading >