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Cloudyn Weekly Digest

So what are the stories that rocked the cloud in the past week? Here’s The Cloudyn summary. Michael Dell keynote at Dell World: “Disrupt the status quo, democratize technology” Michael Dell is a huge champion of entrepreneurship. And as an Entrepreneur, Dell took a risk that was based on his gut feeling. We all wanted… Continue reading >

Cloudonomics – Hot Topic This Week in Europe

This week Europe is hosting two major tech conferences – GigaOm’s Structure Europe event in Amsterdam and the Web Summit in Dublin. Not surprisingly, both events have sessions dedicated to Cloudonomics or the economics of cloud computing. Of course, whenever cloud economics are being discussed, Cloudyn has a thing or two to contribute. And that’s… Continue reading >

Illuminating the Cloud for Increased ROI

Whenever I speak with CIOs and IT professionals about the benefits of cloud computing, I encounter a wide range of responses – from enthusiasm, to guarded optimism, to even outright skepticism. While it’s clear that the cloud is playing an increasingly central role in IT, both the opportunities and challenges inherent therein, can be tricky… Continue reading >

Forrester Previews Our New CloudynDex Metrics Information – Cloud Consumption & Costs

Cloudyn has continually monitored our customers use of the cloud – and today with 400,000 plus virtual servers – we’ve found that there is some really interesting data that we can learn from how our users work in the cloud. We have written about some of these findings in recent weeks. In addition to this… Continue reading >

Cloudyn’s Customers – Demographics, trends and challenges

Over the last several weeks I’ve had an opportunity to meet face to face with dozens of customers using Cloudyn and I wanted to share some general insight from these various meetings about who is at the forefront of wanting to understand cloud cost management. What I heard correlated well with what our initial data… Continue reading >

Cloudyn Customer Insights Revealed at Under the Radar

I’m excited to share with you that tomorrow I’m presenting a company overview at Under the Radar, a leading event that presents a “handful of the industry’s most compelling emerging startups that provide cutting edge solutions.” Out of hundreds of companies considered, Cloudyn was selected as one of only 30 companies to present at this… Continue reading >

IaaS vs. PaaS – Cost Implications

In cloud computing, people often use the terms IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) interchangeably, but in reality they are completely different ways of distributing virtual services. At a high level, this might be equated to renting an empty home (IaaS) or furnished (PaaS) – and how one utilizes the features… Continue reading >