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MSPs Shake Up Cloud Pricing

For many tech services, the pricing models are fairly standard. Both IT and Finance departments can discuss the variables using a common language. Take for example bandwidth for Internet services. There are factors such as the required bandwidth, quality of service, agile local supplier versus established national vendor, etc. All this is translated into a… Continue reading >

The 3 C’s of Cloud Computing

When looking to maximize the value of your cloud there are three important factors that are often overlooked – clarity, cost, and compliance. Of course, there is much more involved in managing your cloud, but these three principles form the bedrock of cloud excellence. CLARITY in your cloud The well-known business saying “what you cannot… Continue reading >

AWS Users – Who They Are and What They Spend

At the start of 2013 we wanted to get a clear picture of our customer base. So we analyzed the profile of 260 Cloudyn customers and the resulting data produced a great map of the AWS users base – including company size, revenue, location, and of course their actual AWS spend plus their potential saving… Continue reading >

Cloudyn Customer Insights Revealed at Under the Radar

I’m excited to share with you that tomorrow I’m presenting a company overview at Under the Radar, a leading event that presents a “handful of the industry’s most compelling emerging startups that provide cutting edge solutions.” Out of hundreds of companies considered, Cloudyn was selected as one of only 30 companies to present at this… Continue reading >

Watch out for Falling Prices! The Changing Public Cloud Pricing Models and the Real Impact on Business

For the 19th time, Amazon Web Services (AWS) dropped prices for its EC2, RDS, ElastiCache and Elastic Map Reduce offerings. And AWS is not alone in making pricing changes; during the first week of March 2012, major price cuts were also made by Google and Microsoft. Why the major shift in market pricing now? Our take is… Continue reading >

Deciding an Approach to the Cloud: AWS Reserved Instances

When starting to use the public cloud, for most businesses AWS is almost always a first choice. It’s very easy to deploy, it has a rich API and plethora of services, and the intuitive on-demand pricing seems very attractive. To the average user it appears that with the simplest on-demand price you pay for what… Continue reading >

Cloud Watching – The Fog of Variable Pricing

As cloud technology is rapidly adopted and solutions are implemented for all types of cloud functions, the cost models for these solutions shift on a daily basis. Just last week Amazon again lowered their pricing models for the S3 storage solutions within the cloud. All together, Amazon has lowered their prices 17 times for its… Continue reading >