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EC2 Reserved Instances Buying Power Tool

One of the challenging areas in AWS cloud cost management is determining which pricing model – On-Demand or Reserved – should be used for your EC2 deployment. On-demand instances are very dynamic, with no upfront fees, you simply pay as you go, but at a premium per hourly charge. EC2 reserved instances, on the other… Continue reading >

EC2 Light Reservations ≠ Light Utilization

When I discuss Amazon’s EC2 Reserved Instances with customers, invariably there is some confusion regarding how pricing and utilization all works out. Understanding these points is a crucial step in realizing the full benefits of public cloud cost-efficiency. So even if you are an AWS expert, please share this post with folks that might benefit… Continue reading >

FYI – Here’s Why Cloudyn Rocks AWS Cost Optimization

“So tell me” asked the AWS user from Los Angeles, “exactly what differentiates Cloudyn from other players in the space?” It was a great question and fortunately I had solid answers. Combined with his successful 20 day free trial, the guy from LA soon became a paying customer of ours. While I won’t share all… Continue reading >