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Finally, Gloves Are Off In Google-Amazon Fight For Public Cloud

EC2 and GCE Pricing – It’s all About How You Slice It Urs Hölzle stated in his recent keynote, Google’s “on-demand price is lower than the 3-year reserved price of most other providers”. Guess who he was referring to. And his statement is true – in a way. Comparatively speaking, one of the most popular… Continue reading >


The Incomparable Cloud – Or is it Really?

When a friend of mine shared this image on LinkedIn it reminded me of Cloudyn’s philosophy to developing cloud cost management tools in a rapidly evolving, multi-cloud space. Everyone knows it’s hard to make a one-to-one comparison between cloud platforms. But while some folks use this as an excuse for not even trying, we take… Continue reading >


Amazon and Google – The Cloud Race Begins

With AWS’ EC2 product driving roughly 65% of Amazon’s cloud revenue, it comes as no surprise that when Google launched their public cloud, GCE (Google Compute Engine), or Google’s alternative to EC2 took center stage . As Google has the global infrastructure and deep pockets needed to compete with AWS, GCE will likely become a… Continue reading >