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reserved instances in Amazon AWS

Not Only EC2 – 5 More AWS Services That Can Be Reserved

One of the main reasons most companies move their IT services to the cloud is to save money. With AWS, it is common knowledge that EC2 Reserved Instances exist at a discount compared to the On-Demand rate. RDS is another well-known service which can be reserved, reservations which were analyzed in our previous post. However,… Continue reading >


AWS’ New Powerful C4 Instance and The Complete EC2 Families Guide

AWS offers a number of different types of EC2 instances. Each instance type offers different compute, memory, and storage capabilities. Recently, AWS announced the latest generation of their compute optimized EC2 machine. This powerful machine is called the C4 instance family. It was introduced to meet the increasing demand of higher compute needs and network… Continue reading >


EC2 Reserved Instances Buying Power Tool

One of the challenging areas in AWS cloud cost management is determining which pricing model – On-Demand or Reserved – should be used for your EC2 deployment. On-demand instances are very dynamic, with no upfront fees, you simply pay as you go, but at a premium per hourly charge. EC2 reserved instances, on the other… Continue reading >


The Untagged Ones – Identifying Uncategorized EC2, RDS and EBS Resources

Cloud resource tagging holds great potential and promise, yet currently it isn’t as intuitive, usable and practical as cloud consumers would hope. To meet the needs of enterprises with cloud deployments, Cloudyn is continuously innovating and improving features within its solution that support tagging and cost allocation. Here are some recent enhancements that add great… Continue reading >


Finding Your EC2 Sweet Spot – A Reserved Instance Refresher

Having spoken with hundreds of companies using AWS, I’ve learned that while the nuances of On-Demand and Reserved Instance pricing are better understood than they were a year ago, EC2 capacity planning from a cost management perspective is still challenging for IT and finance teams. In this post we’ll cover some key points and tips… Continue reading >


Cloudyn Now Supports Google Compute Engine

Today is an exciting day for us Cloud Guardians at Cloudyn. We have embarked on a whole new cloud adventure with our launch of Cloudyn for Google Compute Engine. While we continue to broaden and deepen our tools for AWS cost monitoring and optimization, the rising tide of Google cloud customers will now also be… Continue reading >


Chances are that you’re missing out on some ‘quick win’ optimization opportunities…

Amazon’s New Resizing Policy on Reserved Instances Explained Reserved instances are probably the most challenging aspect of managing complex cloud deployments on AWS. Last month, we posted about relocating existing reservations between availability zones (AZs). Soon after, Amazon raised the bar even further by enabling AWS users to modify instance types. This has opened the… Continue reading >